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The Barns

In this picture, Sly Hands was about to appear.


The Lake

The boat ride was between Knightmare Castle and the forest. The ride was free, as it was used right at the beginning of a quest, but the boatman didn't speak as all as in this series.


Brother Mace was the boatman only once!

Clue Rooms

Many courtyards featured as clue rooms. Some examples: a stony ruin with with some clue objects.

This place had a stairway which the dungeoneer had to go up. Unlike the level 2 clue room of series 1-3, the staircase was not real in the studio; here it was shown through the eyeshield.



There's those stocks again!


Crazed Heifer

The inn, as seen in Series 4.



Julius Scaramonger having a snack.


Descender Approach

Brother Mace: "Notice I didn't say lift" as it's something in the future that is placed in the past.

"This device is voice activated, to start it you must say 'down boy' and count 6 steps, then shout stop."

Here is one of the two entrances to the 'Descender'. The number of flights downwards was different almost every time the Descender was used.


The approach was also used as an entrance to Smirkenorff for a flight to level 2. In this instance, the GateMaster has to fight off a Hobgoblin.

The Descender

As it descends, you see double doors, single doors and windows go past. Some doors would have a Frightknight above them, as part of the opposition's trickery. Clues on how many steps to go down might have been earned earlier. One team even missed their stop, went straight into the Corridor of Blades and died instantly!


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