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Let's introduce the team:

Alan Boyd (Admin)

Alan took over the site from Nicholas Lam in 2008 and has led several community projects in that time - most notably the 2014 Knightmare Convention and the Knightmare parody series Notmare, in which he unleashes his true self by playing the arrogant pain-in-the-backside 'Gerkin'.

You may recognise Alan as the team captain of the series 8 winning team, back when he was much quieter and smaller than he is now!

Nowadays Alan can be found endlessly optimising and coding the software that runs the website.

Keith McDonald (Senior staff)

Keith is a website and digital project manager in Higher Education. He's been a Knightmare fan since 1989 and applied to appear on the show in 1995 – the Series 9 that never was.

Keith's first involvement in the Knightmare community was joining the RPG project in 2003. He later became editor of in 2009, after ownership passed to Alan, and managed the PR campaign for the Knightmare Convention which took place in 2014. Keith is now the long-suffering Trebake in the parody series, Notmare.

David Goldstein (Senior staff)

David was born in that unforgettable summer of 1980something. He watched Knightmare from Series 2 onward (onward being the only way). He credits his degree choice, Classics, partly to hearing Brother Mace speak Latin in Series 4.

He has posted on the forum every month since October 2003, under the username Drassil. His contributions to the fan community include a Knightmare themed rewrite of We Didn't Start the Fire, four Knightmare/Quantum Leap crossover fanfics (nobody told him to stop), helping to run the Knightmare Convention in 2014 and a pun about Treguard enjoying a cuppa ("Ooh, nice tea!").

David is grateful for the friends he's made through Knightmare and is as keen as ever to give something back to the Greater Game.

David flies the flag for other Children's ITV series, Spatz and Mike & Angelo, on his website Glad You Remember. According to recent intelligence, he's in a room.

Chris Ballard (Staff)

Chris has been a Knightmare fan since 1988 when, as a seven year old, he stumbled upon the terrifying yet utterly beguiling Series 2. Like any other perfectly normal child, he would record each episode and watch it every day before repeating the process the following week.

He never made it on to the show himself because one of his teammates spelled hobbies as ‘hobbys’ on the application form (that was definitely the reason).

Chris has been involved with since 2012 when he started writing pieces of commentary (such as the controversial ‘When Knightmare jumped the shark’) and episodes of the beloved Knightmare spoof Notmare.

When Chris isn’t busy trying to turn his three children into Knightmare fanatics he writes topical comedy for the BBC and online satirical websites.

Robin Barlow (Staff)

Robin John Barlow lives in the northwest of the UK, having lived on previous occasions in Preston for university, thrice in Germany and in Shanghai for a year. He barters and bargains in market places, online, charity shops and has thus built up a stupendously large collection of DVDs, books and CDs, with a few videos and cassettes that still stubbornly refuse to let themselves be upgraded. He is always happy to chat about almost anything but don't trust him to look after your box of chocolates. His favourite aspect of Knightmare is the comedy but he also greatly enjoys many ponderings on 'what would happen if...'? scenarios.

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