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Header image of the Slice Me, Dice Me challenge from Knightmare VR and Geek Week.

Slice Me, Dice Me

10 September 2020

A fiendish puzzle with swinging axes introduced in the 21st century episodes of Knightmare.

Veruca (Isy Suttie) in the closing moments of the Geek Week episode of Knightmare (2013).

Veruca / Daisy

01 September 2020

Veruca went from frustrated intern to Treguard's assistant in the Geek Week episode of Knightmare.

The Magician (Eduardo MacGregor) in El Rescate del Talisman.

El Rescate del Talisman - Characters

04 August 2020

The Spanish adaptation had a broad range of in-game characters, some following the French version and others following tropes from Knightmare.

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Series 4, Quest 7. Jeremy finds an energy-draining idol in Level 2.

Series 4 Quest 7

24 October 2009

Team 7: Jeremy, Alexander, Amanda and Anthony from London.

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Book with pen

The Quest 3.1: Dungeoneer's Diary

06 March 2010

For the first time this year we encouraged teams to write in a diary which we kept in their hospitality room at the studio.

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Corded gaming headset. Photo by Fabian Albert on Unsplash.

RPG Season 1 Quest 1

14 March 2010

The first ever quest of the Interactive Knightmare RPG. The dungeoneer is Anton.

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Back from a long (unintended) exile

Good to see you back, Glenn. Enjoy your post-exile stay. With a first name like yours, if you didn't relate yourself to Oakley then someone else would have done. ...

Posted by Drassil on 28 October 2020

Losing status v cause of demise

the shovel one was funny. lol.Could you imagine if they had spellcast SHOVEL correctly but got the dispelling wrong (like earlier in their quest when they were trying to dispel SHROUD and kept forgett...

Posted by GlennC81 on 28 October 2020

Back from a long (unintended) exile

Hello!I can’t remember the last time I was on here (though to quote Treguard: you all look distinctly older - as am I!), but I’m Glenn. Been a Knightmare fan since 1988 (I only saw the first series wh...

Posted by GlennC81 on 28 October 2020

Unused Hero Spell - to summon "one long dead to your cause."

Haha, Olaf would probably have hit himself on the head with his club.Ah! The bumptings and the tumptings on the head of course! ...

Posted by GlennC81 on 28 October 2020

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