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To the website of the award-winning television show, Knightmare

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Thae Satellite Game - Island of Death artwork by David Rowe, cropped for header image

The Satellite Game - Environments

06 June 2021

Exploring the locations and challenges on the Enigma Satellite.

The Satellite Game - Killer droid header image

The Satellite Game - Characters

06 June 2021

A look at some of the characters, allies and adversaries on the Enigma Satellite.

The Satellite Game - Enigma art by David Rowe

The Satellite Game - Overview

06 June 2021

Jason Karl gives an introduction to The Satellite Game, Knightmare's sci-fi sister show from 1990.

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Oculus rift in brick background

Knightmare Meets Oculus Rift, Part 1

27 November 2015

Knightmare fan Jamesuk tells how he brought Knightmare and the Oculus Rift platform together in spectacular style.

Our Weekly Pick

Goblins patrolling in Death Valley.


11 April 2020

Famed for their fearful horn, these orc-like creatures crawled the entire dungeon, striking fear into questing teams and audiences alike.

Article of the Day

Raptor, Lord Fear's Captain. Played by Cliff Barry.


12 April 2020

Raptor was a bandit recruited by Lord Fear to lead his charge and replace Skarkill. Dim and superstitious, Raptor was not the success that Fear hoped for.

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Recent Forum Posts

Juliet Bryant, INXS and AC/DC

There's an interview with Juliet in this month's issue (Issue 3) of the Curious British Telly fanzine. She mentions that she was in a lot of music videos; she names INXS as one of her favourites and A...

Posted by Drassil on 12 June 2021

Parody of Only You by Yazoo

This is based on Yazoo's 1982 single Only You. If you prefer the Flying Pickets' version, you may want to picture it being sung by an a cappella group consisting of Treguard, Olgarth, Gumboil, Gibbet,...

Posted by Drassil on 12 June 2021

Parody of Ironic by Alanis Morissette

Based on Alanis Morissette's 1996 single Ironic. VideoSeries 4 Team number 8They were on Level 3Then - WHY? - Christmas DayIt's a red wyrm on your evil lairIt's a guessed wrong password: "Red, green, ...

Posted by Drassil on 12 June 2021

S2 E8 - Was the SHROUD scene staged?

Has anyone noticed that Mogdred starts laughing before they've finished errornously dispelling the word? How on earth did he/John Woodnutt know they were going to get it wrong and miss the O so quickl...

Posted by Drassil on 06 June 2021

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