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Thae Satellite Game - Island of Death artwork by David Rowe, cropped for header image

The Satellite Game - Environments

06 June 2021

Exploring the locations and challenges on the Enigma Satellite.

The Satellite Game - Killer droid header image

The Satellite Game - Characters

06 June 2021

A look at some of the characters, allies and adversaries on the Enigma Satellite.

The Satellite Game - Enigma art by David Rowe

The Satellite Game - Overview

06 June 2021

Jason Karl gives an introduction to The Satellite Game, Knightmare's sci-fi sister show from 1990.

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Front cover of

Knightmare in Time Out

03 May 2015

Knightmare received two mentions in London's Time Out within exactly a year of each other.

Our Weekly Pick

Series 5, Quest 7. Julius Scaramonger sells Christopher a spell.

Forgery in Knightmare

09 November 2018

It's a phrase that has become synonymous with American politics. If there's anything the good old POTUS doesn't want to hear, it's 'fake news'.

Article of the Day

Dice on red textile. Photo by Joel Abraham on Unsplash.

RPG Season 2 Quest 9

14 March 2010

The ninth quest in the second season of the Interactive Knightmare RPG. The team is Jackie and Jeanna from Cardiff.

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Hello hello hello!

Hi! An excellent list, with many great shows on it and many more I'll have to check out. You clearly know your stuff.If you're looking to expand the list, I suggest you have a look at Jungle Run, Don'...

Posted by DragonsBeHere on 31 July 2021

Hello hello hello!

Welcome to Arkham!No I'm serious. Have you ever seen Knightmare Castle and Arkham Asylum in the same room together? And we only ever get to to see them in darkness with lightning in the background, th...

Posted by HStorm on 30 July 2021

Hello hello hello!

Bit of an interesting thread title there, isn't it? in any case...I'm an american who discovered the show all the way back when I was 8. (which was in 2007-2008, surprising, i know.) i watched the sh...

Posted by m62259 on 30 July 2021

"Speaking my truth": wrong answers and success

In early Series 7 quests, the Brollachan revealed that he could detect lies even when he didn't know the truth; as the series went on, that stopped mattering. This was demonstrated when Team 6 (Julie)...

Posted by Drassil on 29 July 2021

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