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Header image of the Slice Me, Dice Me challenge from Knightmare VR and Geek Week.

Slice Me, Dice Me

10 September 2020

A fiendish puzzle with swinging axes introduced in the 21st century episodes of Knightmare.

Veruca (Isy Suttie) in the closing moments of the Geek Week episode of Knightmare (2013).

Veruca / Daisy

01 September 2020

Veruca went from frustrated intern to Treguard's assistant in the Geek Week episode of Knightmare.

The Magician (Eduardo MacGregor) in El Rescate del Talisman.

El Rescate del Talisman - Characters

04 August 2020

The Spanish adaptation had a broad range of in-game characters, some following the French version and others following tropes from Knightmare.

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Red Dwarf banner

Knightmare and Red Dwarf: XI Links

19 September 2016

Red Dwarf is back on TV this week for Series XI. How does this relate to Knightmare?

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Letters, shallow focus. Photo by Suzy Hazelwood for Pexels (free-to-use licence)

The Quest 4.2: Viewers' Letters

06 March 2010

This issue's star letter seems to express a lot of people's opinions.

Article of the Day

Marta, the Tavern Maid. Played by Jacquelin Joyce.

Marta, the Tavern Maid

12 April 2020

Marta was a tavern maid at Knightmare's inn, the Crazed Heifer. A useful source of gossip and information.

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90s board game - need some help please

I have the board game stored at my shop. I'll check its contents and get back to you soon!...

Posted by stevendoig on 30 September 2020

COMING SOON: Temporal Discussion, A KM podcast

Just to add, publication date for the first podcast is set for Friday (appropriate!) the 9th of October....

Posted by HStorm on 30 September 2020

Series 1 - Episode 7

Team 6 made easy work of level 1 and looked competent.Had a near miss taking the grub from in front of the catacombite tho. Notable that one advisor started almost every sentence by saying "Right". Po...

Posted by Morghanna on 30 September 2020

COMING SOON: Temporal Discussion, A KM podcast

Myself and Martin Harder are currently working on recording a series of episode-by-episode reviews and discussions of all eight seasons of Knightmare (plus probably a special one for KMVR and KMGW), i...

Posted by HStorm on 30 September 2020

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