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Children's ITV ends after 40 years

01 September 2023

Children's ITV, the brand that brought Knightmare and other classic shows to our screens, has closed for good after 40 years.

Cliff Barry and Mark Knight answer questions at the Knightmare Convention, 2014.

Ask the Panel

11 May 2022

Over the two days of the Convention, audience members got to ask their burning questions to cast and crew from Knightmare.

A sketch of a new dungeon room by artist David Rowe at the Knightmare Convention 2014

Building a Dungeon Room

11 May 2022

During this design masterclass, Knightmare artist David Rowe live-sketched a dungeon room while creator Tim Child explained the technical side of the graphics.

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Folly the Jester. Played by Alec Westwood.

Folly, the Jester

10 April 2020

Known for his giddy laughter, Folly was the dungeon jester for the first two series of Knightmare.

Our Weekly Pick

Series 7, Quest 6. Julie turns into a black cat to frighten Raptor.

Series 7 Quest 6

24 October 2009

Team 6: Julie, Helen, Samantha and Helen from Leek, Staffordshire.

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Book 3: Fortress of Assassins

23 February 2010

"The citadel of the assassins is a web - and you are the flies..." Details of the third Knightmare book, Fortress of Assassins.

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Knightmare survey

Ok, i'll play. (Answers from Nic Jenner)Year you first saw Knightmare?: 1987How old were you at the time?: 13Favourite series?: ThreeLeast favourite series?: FivePreferred version of the title sequenc...

Posted by Morghanna on 03 July 2024

Knightmare survey

Here are some updated answers from me (Jake Collins) with changes in bold.Year you first saw Knightmare?: 1987How old were you at the time?: 4Favourite series?: 4 (There are several things about 2 tha...

Posted by TheOldenDays on 27 June 2024

Temporal Discussion, A KM podcast

I have to thank Temporal Discussion for playing a big part in reigniting my passion for Knightmare over the past couple of years, since I relocated from Hertfordshire to Suffolk. The in-depth nature o...

Posted by Canadanne on 24 June 2024

Knightmare survey

Answers from Rosey Collins:Year you first saw Knightmare?: Probably 1987, definitely remember watching from 1989How old were you at the time?: 2 in 1987, 4 in 1989Favourite series?: 2Least favourite s...

Posted by TheOldenDays on 23 June 2024

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