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Children's ITV ends after 40 years

01 September 2023

Children's ITV, the brand that brought Knightmare and other classic shows to our screens, has closed for good after 40 years.

Cliff Barry and Mark Knight answer questions at the Knightmare Convention, 2014.

Ask the Panel

11 May 2022

Over the two days of the Convention, audience members got to ask their burning questions to cast and crew from Knightmare.

A sketch of a new dungeon room by artist David Rowe at the Knightmare Convention 2014

Building a Dungeon Room

11 May 2022

During this design masterclass, Knightmare artist David Rowe live-sketched a dungeon room while creator Tim Child explained the technical side of the graphics.

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Book 7 - Lord Fear's Domain

23 February 2010

"Unravel my riddles by sunrise - or remain in my world for all eternity..." Details of the seventh Knightmare book, Lord Fear's Domain.

Our Weekly Pick

The level one dungeon bomb room.

How Knightmare Began

05 July 2009

Part 1 of Tim Child's official history of Knightmare revisits how it all began - from the original idea in 1985 to getting a first series in 1987.

Article of the Day

The Corridor of Spears. Dungeoneers had to pass two sets of hazardous weapons. This variation is from Knightmare Series 3.

Spear Room / Pendulum

10 May 2020

The Spear Room was a common timing challenge during the early series of Knightmare. Dungeoneers had to avoid spears to reach the exit.

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Recent Forum Posts

Echoes of an Elusive Age

I didn't know you had mini Milners, Brett. What's your children's awareness of (and appreciation of) Knightmare?...

Posted by Drassil on 22 November 2023

Echoes of an Elusive Age

There was a moment a couple of years ago when our children were helping me to defeat a certain baddie (Jarvis) in a dungeon (the Cryptic Crypt) towards the start of Dragon Quest XI (a turn-based Japan...

Posted by s4t8brett on 17 November 2023

Meeting Hugo Myatt

Not every day you meet your hero, eh?...

Posted by HStorm on 09 November 2023

Historical reminders of Knightmare

In passage 61 of The Quest for the Dragon's Egg (a.k.a. the gamebook section of The Forbidden Gate), Pickle remarks that a large pineapple "Looks like a hand grenade" then adds "At least, it will do o...

Posted by Drassil on 07 November 2023

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