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Cliff Barry and Mark Knight answer questions at the Knightmare Convention, 2014.

Ask the Panel

11 May 2022

Over the two days of the Convention, audience members got to ask their burning questions to cast and crew from Knightmare.

A sketch of a new dungeon room by artist David Rowe at the Knightmare Convention 2014

Building a Dungeon Room

11 May 2022

During this design masterclass, Knightmare artist David Rowe live-sketched a dungeon room while creator Tim Child explained the technical side of the graphics.

Full-size logo graphic of the Knightmare Convention logo, 2014

About the Convention

11 May 2022

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Knightmare Convention took place on 9-11 May 2014 at EPIC Studios in Norwich.

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Mrs Grimwold, the Crone. Played by Tom Karol.

The Grimwolds

11 April 2020

The Grimwold family was comprised of an ogre, a crone, a three-headed dog, and a son who appeared in a later series.

Our Weekly Pick

The chamber of quest choosing

The Quest 2.3: Introduction

06 March 2010

Introduction to Volume 2, Issue 3 of The Quest, Official Newsletter of the Knightmare Adventurers Club.

Article of the Day

The level one dungeon shield room.

Series 1: Dungeon

07 June 2020

The original Knightmare dungeon is formed of authentic handpainted artwork by David Rowe with added graphics and effects.

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Recent Forum Posts

Unintended Knightmare references on TV: game shows

On QI there's a klaxon they use whenever someone gives an answer that is obvious and wrong. I find this sound effect disconcerting because it reminds me strongly of the bugle blasts that heralded the ...

Posted by Drassil on 07 August 2022

Unintended Knightmare references in films

The Kid Who Would Be King (2019 film) was on TV recently. It's currently available on All 4. As well as Arthurian legend and Stonehenge (as referred to by the Knightmare Series 3 gargoyle), it include...

Posted by Drassil on 30 July 2022

Parody of Blockbuster by Sweet

Thanks, Martin. Blockbuster has the kind of vocals that you can have fun with on karaoke....

Posted by Drassil on 26 July 2022

Parody of Blockbuster by Sweet

I had a go at recording this. You can listen to it at ... =Copy-Link...

Posted by TemporalDiscussion on 24 July 2022

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