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A second variant of Merlin's chamber. A handpainted scene by David Rowe.

Behind the Scenes with David Rowe

17 January 2021

The team went to visit David Rowe, the artist of the original hand-painted dungeon rooms.

Notmare Castle exterior from credits

Notmare Series 1

06 December 2020

What happens when the staff of get hold of a studio and have a weekend to spare? Answer: Notmare.

Header image of the Slice Me, Dice Me challenge from Knightmare VR and Geek Week.

Slice Me, Dice Me

10 September 2020

A fiendish puzzle with swinging axes introduced in the 21st century episodes of Knightmare.

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Series 1 Quest 5. Helen is watched by a suspicious Giant as she enters his lair.

Giant / Troll Cave

10 May 2020

A giant and a troll both occupied a large chasm, with a narrow ledge at the side for dungeoneers to pass.

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Series 3, Quest 4. Mogdred taunts a dungeoneer in Level 3.

Series 3: Teams

30 January 2010

Series 3 featured 12 teams across 16 episodes, with no winning quests.

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Knightmare Series 8 Opposition cast. Lord Fear throws a fireball as part of the opening sequence.

The Quest 4.1: The New Series

06 March 2010

Introducing Volume Four of the Knightmare Adventurers Club Official Newsletter.

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Juliet Henry-Massy and INXS

I'd forgotten all about this. Well spotted indeed! That's her at 2:53 isn't it?...

Posted by Canadanne on 08 May 2021

Juliet Bryant and INXS

So apparently Juliet once appeared in a music video by INXS... is anyone familiar enough with INXS videos to guess which one it might have been?!Thanks to yesterday's Top of the Pops repeats on BBC Fo...

Posted by Drassil on 08 May 2021

Series 4 - Episode 16

One thing I like in the closing moments of the scene is the inimitable Hugo Myatt saying my first name in the team's farewell. Given it's a rare one it has the almost feeling of being addressed direct...

Posted by Mashibinbin on 06 May 2021

Series 4 - Episode 16

Ok, to continue this trend of leniency towards this controversial scene: I think it was the circumstances rather than the scene itself that felt wrong.Given that Knightmare was originally an autumn b...

Posted by Morghanna on 01 May 2021

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