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A vast amount of fan-produced material has been produced over the years, including magazines, audio and video projects and articles

Here we present a collection of fan-produced material relating to Knightmare, which includes the unofficial and official magazines, larger fan-based projects including the RPG, Notmare, fan-art, and fan-fiction, audio and video projects, articles, interviews, and information about our Knightmare Convention in 2014.

In This Section


YouTube browser overlaid by a frightknight from Knightmare.

As a cult favourite, Knightmare crops up in a range of online media.


Courtroom trial watching knightmare

Knightmare appears regularly in print and on television, as well as a range of gaming and fantasy publications.


Book with pen

A range of views, opinions, debates and commentary of interest on Knightmare and related themes.


Shelf of magazines

A range of official and fan-made Knightmare fanzines for you to view.

Fan projects

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A number of fans have contributed to various Knightmare projects over the years