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Where am I? What is this place?

You might find our site introduction a useful place to begin, but in short, you are on the website of the children's television show Knightmare.

Where can I watch Knightmare?

In a room. But seriously...

As of March 2021, all of Knightmare Series 4 (1990) is available on BritBox. In exchange for your monthly subscription, you get to enjoy Knightmare as it was in the Children's ITV days: no ad breaks, no logo in the corner and no one talking over the end credits.

The more of us watch these episodes and show our appreciation on social media, the better BritBox will see the demand for adding the other Knightmare series.

The official ITV Children's Classics channel on YouTube has hundreds of clips covering most quests of Series 1 and Series 3-8. You may have seen some of them embedded on Knightmare.com.

Why did ITV stop showing Knightmare?

That's a tough one to answer.
The honest truth is that there isn't a straightforward answer. In fact, the situation is so complicated that there's an entire article about what happened to Knightmare. In short, ITV felt that Knightmare's days were limited and forced to choose between one more series of Knightmare and a longer-term commission of Virtually Impossible (another show by Tim Child), Tim elected to continue with Virtually Impossible in the hope that its improved technology could perhaps relaunch Knightmare in a new form.

Will there be a new series of Knightmare?

There is a continual and sustained interest in relaunching Knightmare. However, there are a great deal of moving parts involved, and trying to get everything in place is very difficult. It may happen one day, and has come very close to happening several times in the last few years, but no attempt has yet made it past the finishing post

Can I buy episodes of Knightmare?

You categorically cannot legally buy episodes of Knightmare. Those DVDs that you found? They're illegal. The episodes posted online? They're illegal too. Buying these deprives the actors of well-deserved royalties.

Why can't we buy episodes of Knightmare legally?

Knightmare is an old show that involved numerous companies and a vast cast and crew. The rights are a tangled mess of legalities that takes a significant amount of time to cut through. Knightmare is also a children's show and a children's gameshow to boot. Those in the industry consider the potential payoff to be too low to be worth fighting through all the legalities.

We often get told that the way forward is via some kind of crowd-funding campaign. We tried that ourselves in 2009. But to give you an idea of costs involved, to distribute the episodes online would cost in excess of £100,000. We would need over 1000 people to buy the entire collection at £100 simply to break even. As for DVD, if we were to distribute the DVDs ourselves as a mail-order system, without paying our staff, the cost would be about £250,000. Using a national distributor so that the DVDs were available in the shops would cost about £750,000. Again, this assumes people would pay over £100 for the entire box set, which seems unlikely.

The rights holders have considered releasing DVDs themselves. However, sales were considered to have been damaged by illegal copies being sold and distributed, and unfortunately, they backed out. This option remains the most likely outcome. But it needs demand to be very high.

Can you send me episodes of Knightmare?

No, sorry. We won't do this and don't support this. Regardless of whether it will damage the possibility of future DVD sales or not, this act will deprive the cast and crew of royalties.

Did anyone ever win?

Yes, there were winners in Series 2, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Series 7, and Series 8.

Where can I buy official merchandise

Unfortunately, official merchandise can no longer be purchased first-hand. Occasionally, second-hand merchandise can be purchased on eBay and very very rarely, we give away original merchandise that we have leftover from the days of the show. However, it is not generally available for sale.

Can you give me contact details of from the show?

No. Under certain circumstances, we may forward messages. However, it remains up to the person concerned if they wish to respond. Of course, you can get in touch with the actor's agent who may also be able to help you.

Can you advertise my Knightmare-related convention/event?

Yes, we'd be happy to work with you on this. Please get in touch

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