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Events in 2023

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 2023


7th January 2023: Edmund Dehn in Orbits

Edmund Dehn, whose characters in Knightmare Series 1-2 included Gumboil and Igneous, will be on stage in Orbits at the OSO Arts Centre in Barnes, London from 7-10 February. He'll be playing actor Charles Laughton. Details and tickets are available via osoarts.org.uk.


21st March 2023: 'Treguard' in The Trolltooth Wars art

In 2017, a graphic novelisation of Fighting Fantasy gamebook The Trolltooth Wars was published.

In a Twitter thread in 2023, artist Gavin Mitchell revealed a number of in-jokes he had smuggled into The Trolltooth Wars. They included a tavern scene featuring lookalikes of Treguard, Daisy (Isy Suttie's character from the Knightmare's 2013 YouTube Geek Week special) and the Helmet of Justice.

We salute you, Gavin!


29th April 2023: Knightmare actor wins story contest

Huge congratulations to Jules Bryant (who appeared in Knightmare Series 5 as Gwendoline and Aesandre, under the name Juliet Henry-Massy) for winning the Skylark Soaring Stories Competition 2022 with her entry The Unquiet Ones.

The judges praised Jules's story as 'really lovely writing', 'chilling and completely compelling' and 'so well-drawn'.

Jules isn't the only author to emerge from the fifth series of Knightmare. Fay Keenan, an advisor in Team 1, has had several romance novels published.

Last year Jules appeared in Episode 5 of her husband Terl Bryant's YouTube series Bullet & Banter, swapping a dragon for a motorbike.


14th May 2023: Hugo Myatt at EM-Con 2023: 10-11 June

Hugo Myatt, Treguard himself, will be a guest at EM-Con: Motorpoint Nottingham Arena, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June.

Nine years since Hugo was among the guests at our own Knightmare Convention, we're happy that there are still opportunities for fans to meet him in person.

Find out more and book tickets via https://nottingham.em-con.co.uk/.

19th May 2023: David Rowe and Jason Karl at The Cave

Retro Collective's event on 13 May had Knightmare illustrator David Rowe as the special guest.

The day included:

A special talk by David about his life in the industry

An exclusive look at his original artworks

A chance to try the games David has worked on using genuine vintage hardware

The venue was The Cave in Stroud.

This recording features David's talk and Q&A, followed by an interview with Jason Karl (a.k.a. winning dungeoneer Julian Smith from Knightmare Series 2).


17th June 2023: Cursed Village starring Hugo Myatt

Hugo Myatt, Treguard himself, is your host in Cursed Village: a new game on the interactive story app RichCast.

'You are a wandering adventurer arriving in a town that's locked tight. A family has disappeared and everyone is convinced that they are next!'


2nd July 2023: Knightmare Live at Bluedot, 21st July

Knightmare Live's next show will be at the Bluedot festival at Jodrell Bank Observatory on Friday 21st July. What better way to celebrate Knightmare Live's 10th anniversary month? See the full Bluedot line-up and book tickets via discoverthebluedot.com


5th August 2023: Knightmare actors at Edinburgh Fringe

Two Knightmare cast members have shows at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe - at the same venue!

Edmund Dehn (Knightmare Series 1-2: Giant, Gumboil, Igneous, Automatum)

Lear alone

The Space Triplex Studio, 4-12 August and 14-19 August

'Lear Alone uses just King Lear’s lines from the First Folio of Shakespeare’s tragedy to explore themes of loneliness, ageing and homelessness: a study of one man's vulnerability as he confronts and negotiates a digital world. Created in partnership with Crisis UK and supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Lear Alone is the theatrical realisation of And Tomorrow Theatre Company's Off West End Award-winning web series.'

Buy tickets

Nicholas Collett (Knightmare VR - Lissard; Knightmare Geek Week 2013 - Sylvester the Jester)


The Space on the Mile, 5-12 August, 14-26 August

'A thrilling and hilarious new comedy featuring 1980s music, terrible dancing, hidden gold and guilty secrets. Julie and Dave live in suburbia, with an Uptown Girl daughter, a nice house and a huge secret which has held them together for 40 years. They met in 1983, when the music was gold, the fashion was gold, and Julie and Dave stole a lot of gold from a very bad man. Four decades later, how are they going to sell it and, more importantly, avoid the elderly psychopath who wants revenge – and his gold back?'

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16th October 2023: Hugo Myatt at StokeCONTrent 2023

Thank you to StokeCONTrent for welcoming Hugo Myatt, Treguard himself, as a guest on 15th October. And we salute the fan who made the Helmet of Justice that Hugo's holding in this photo!

17th October 2023: Knightmare clips + Hugo Myatt Q&A

As part of the Square Eyes TV Festival, Mockingbird Cinema in Birmingham will be showing clips from Knightmare followed by a Q&A with Hugo Myatt, Treguard himself. Sunday 5 November from 4pm. Tickets are available via the Mockingbird Cinema website.

Other Years

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