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Events in 2010

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 2010


5th March 2010: AegisQuest

AegisQuest is a live-action RPG in which a group of advisors guide a blind quester through a dungeon of riddles, puzzles and traps in a Dungeons & Dragons style adventure.

Despite being unrelated to Knightmare, it has a few similarities with the show we all know and love, and is well worth watching. The team behind AegisQuest has released a short pilot episode of their production.

The team behind AegisQuest are starting to look for both contestants, cast and crew and have made their pilot episode available for download from their site.

Be sure to check it out and leave some feedback, either via the forum or on their YouTube page.


22nd April 2010: The UK Game Show Page

The UK Game Show Page is running an on-line voting section where you can vote for the best game shows in many different categories. And guess which programme is leading in the category of 'Best Children's Game Show'?

Yes, you've guessed right, it is of course Knightmare, with over 50% of the votes. Knightmare is also at joint first in the category of 'Most innovative format so far'.

24th April 2010: Knightmare Mentions

Knightmare is mentioned in the December 2001 issue of PSM2 (Playstation Magazine 2). Near the end of the review for the forthcoming game (Smackdown 3: 'Just Bring it'), there is a small paragraph:

If 'Know your Role's' story mode was a 'choose your own adventure' book, then 'Just Bring it' is an episode of Knightmare - marginally less linear, with a pleasant 3D interface.

I have been told that on Friday 2nd November 2010, Knightmare was mentioned on a KLFM 96.7 - a local radio station covering King's Lynn. The presenter at the time mentioned something about the Bring Back Knightmare campaign. We do not know any further details about what else was said, so if anyone knows please contact the site. This follows a mention last year on another local station - XFM (London).

Also earlier this year an article about Knightmare by Violet Berlin was written for Digitiser on Channel 4 Teletext (p480). She described it as "the best gaming show ever".

Thanks to Rainecloud, Klara and Rhys Williams for the above information.

24th April 2010: BringBackKnightmare Relaunch

Alan Boyd has created a new website for the Bring Back Knightmare campaign at bringbackknightmare.co.uk. This new campaign site replaces the TES Bring Back Knightmare site and Tom Murphy's interim petition site (which has been running since November).

From now on this new site will be the central point for all Bring Back Knightmare activity. It contains a petition to sign, news/responses and ideas to raise awareness of the campaign.


22nd September 2010: Knightmare on ITV4 (Autumn 2010)

Knightmare will feature in the seventh episode of Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club (ITV 4) on Wednesday 3rd November at 22:00.

There will be 10 episodes broadcast across the Autumn, beginning on 22nd September 2010. With thanks to David (Drassil) and Matt (Myatt) for this information.

Edit: You can now read our full article about Knightmare on Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club.


1st November 2010: Fan game: Knightmare Dizzy

From JamesA on our forum.

'Whilst searching random bits on Knightmare last week I happened to stumble across a game that mixes elements of Knightmare with the classic platform and puzzle game Dizzy. The game does feature certain characters from Knightmare and if you happen to be fan of Dizzy then I'd say it's thoroughly worth playing.'

This superb fan game, created by Tom Ward, is available to download from The Dizzy Fansite < href="http://www.yolkfolk.com/games/knightmare">here.

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