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Events in 2018

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 2018


3rd February 2018: Treguard in the Mirror

Treguard is mentioned in an article about 'what the real stars of kids' TV did next'.

The Mirror article by Warren Manger includes Roland Rat, the original Red Power Ranger and, crucially, 'Knightmare's Dungeon Master' as played by Hugo Myatt. It notes some of his other work, including his continuing contribution to Bewilder Box.

While there's no mention of Hugo's post-1994 involvement with Knightmare - cameos in Knightmare Live, TV interviews and of course the 2013 special episode - it is good to see him included in the article, standing out among purple dinosaurs and verbally challenged gophers.


31st March 2018: Edmund Dehn in Death of a Hunter

Death of a Hunter is being performed for the first time in English at London's Finborough Theatre from 1-17 April 2018. Originally written in German by Rolf Hochhuth, it follows the last hour of American author Ernest Hemingway's life.

Edmund Dehn was the playwright's actor of choice for the role. In Knightmare Series 1 and 2 he played Gumboil the guard, Igneous the wall monster, the Giant and the Automatum. In performing at the Finborough Theatre, he's returning to the site of some of his earliest professional stage work.

You can also follow Edmund Dehn on Twitter and watch his showreel:


2nd April 2018: The adventures of Hugo Myatt

Two conventions, a comedy video and a stage cameo: the man behind the dungeon master has been having a busy year.

Ahead of his appearance at LarpCon 2018 at the beginning of March, Hugo Myatt filmed a comedy video with them. It pays tribute to the scene in The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon meets James Earl Jones.

At LarpCon itself in Coalville, Hugo came face to face with an excellent recreation of the helmet of justice by The Dragon Armoury. It was the prize in a charity raffle that raised over £300 for Once We Were Soldiers. Hugo also gave a talk on Knightmare at LarpCon and helped to present the Larp Awards.

At the end of March, Hugo was at Sci-Fi Weekender 9 in Wales. This time he brought Treguard with him and onto the stage in Knightmare Live. This was Hugo's third cameo in Knightmare Live. You can see one of them in last year's Screenland documentary about Knightmare.

There will be more chances to meet Hugo at Stoke-Con-Trent on 15 April 2018 and EM-Con Nottingham on 5-6 May 2018. If you've booked Hugo for your event, tag us on social media in advance and we'd be delighted to spread the word.

16th April 2018: Knightmare on Radio X

The Knightmare theme was played on Radio X this morning.

It was part of a 'guess the theme tune' game on The Chris Moyles Show. Although no one in the studio guessed the theme, some people tweeted Radio X with the correct answer.

You can listen to the show via the Radio X website. The theme tune game starts around 1 hour 50 minutes in.

Radio X (formerly Xfm) and its breakfast show have a good history with Knightmare. On air in 2010, Dave Berry talked about Knightmare and his related appearance on Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club. We have more information here.

Josh Widdicombe, who has presented shows for the station, is also a Knightmare fan.

The Knightmare theme is by Ed Welch, who also wrote themes for Blockbusters and Catchphrase.

18th April 2018: Hugo Myatt in The Malestrom

Hugo Myatt has been interviewed by The Malestrom.

He discusses his time as Treguard and beyond, from biking and boating to beards and baddies. Mark Knight (Lord Fear), Mark Cordory (Smirkenorff's creator) and Knightmare Live all get mentions, as does Knightmare creator Tim Child. (He's referred to as Tim Childs a couple of times but don't be deceived.)

There are some cracking pictures too. We especially enjoyed the Little Chef story.

Read the interview here.

27th April 2018: Joanne Heywood: Elder and Malteser ads

There are two new adverts featuring Joanne Heywood (Stiletta, Series 8).

One advert is for Elder live-in care and home care. Joanne plays the daughter of an Elder client.

Thanks to DuxBellorum on our forum for letting us know about this. Thanks also to Alistair Lawrence for spotting Joanne in the new Maltesers advert.

See more post-Knightmare screen appearances on Joanne Heywood's YouTube channel.


5th May 2018: EM-Con Nottingham 2018

Our favourite Dungeon Master, Hugo Myatt, will be present at EM-Con Nottingham 2018 where you can purchase autographs and photographs from the man himself.

16th May 2018: Knightmare Live: May to July 2018

Five years on and still going strong! There are plenty of chances to enjoy a Knightmare Live show in the coming months:

Sunday 20th May: Brighton
Two shows at The Warren: 4:15 and 6:00

Sunday 27th May: Birmingham
Confuzzled 2018 (sponsors)

Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June:Â Birmingham
UK Games Expo

Sunday 17th June, Sunday 8th July: London
Underbelly Southbank


14th June 2018: WatchMojo and Knightmare

Knightmare is in WatchMojo's Top 10 TV Shows That Terrified Us As Kids.

WatchMojo (who usually do best/worst of list videos on YouTube) have recently uploaded a clips compilation of the scariest TV shows for children back in the day.

I'm pleased to say that Knightmare features in this vid, but where? Find out below:

20th June 2018: Edmund Dehn in Krapp's Last Tape

A Knightmare Series 1-2 cast member is back in another one-man play. After an acclaimed run earlier this year in Death of a Hunter, Edmund Dehn is appearing in Krapp's Last Tape this month. He plays the title character, who makes and listens to annual tape recordings alone.

The performances will be part of the Durham Festival of the Arts and will be at Durham University's Assembly Rooms Theatre in Durham at 7:30pm on 23-24 June.

Edmund Dehn's Knightmare roles included Gumboil the guard, Igneous the wall monster and the Automatum in Series 2. Also in Series 2 was the character Bumptious, a dwarvish member of the Honorary Guild of Gold-miners, HOGG.


11th July 2018: Alec Westwood in Music Video

There's a familiar face in the new music video from Be Like Pablo. Or, without his Folly makeup from Series 1 and 2 of Knightmare, maybe not so familiar.

Alec Westwood, who also played wellway guard Gibbet in Series 1, appears in the video for Do You Wanna Go Surfin'? by Scottish powerpop band Be Like Pablo.

Among the connections between music videos and Knightmare actors: Edmund Dehn (Gumboil, Series 1 and 2) was in the video for Hate by Loom; Juliet Bryant (Gwendoline, Series 5) reportedly appears in an INXS video; Paul Flannery (Treguard, Knightmare Live) can be glimpsed the video for Night Changes by One Direction (or The Only Way Is Onward as we like to call them).

31st July 2018: Katharine Bennett-Fox

You've probably seen this Barclays advert about digital fraud.

But did you know that the star, Katharine Bennett-Fox, appeared on Knightmare? Katharine was an advisor on Team 3 of Series 4 (1990).

Her Barclays appearance was written about earlier this month by the Daily Express, which alleged that Katharine's 'face of fraud' is 'so effective it is giving viewers nightmares.' Mogdred would be proud.


6th August 2018: Knightmare and PLAY Expo

Hugo Myatt and David Rowe will be among the guests at PLAY Expo London on 11th & 12th August.

Another of the PLAY Expo guests will be Knightmare's most recent dungeoneer: Stuart Ashen a.k.a. Ashens, who donned the Helmet of Justice in the YouTube Geek Week 2013 episode.

Most recently, another Knightmare guest has been confirmed: artist David Rowe:

David will be taking part in the Knightmare TV Show Panel ... He will also be exhibiting and selling some of his amazing artwork

The Knightmare panel will consist of Hugo, David and Knightmare Live's Paul Flannery. It will be hosted by the team from The Retro Hour podcast.

Also present will be the team from Bewilder Box, the escape room which stars Hugo Myatt & Paul Flannery in video form as scientists Benjamin Wilder Senior & Junior.

It's all taking place at Printworks London on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August 2018. You'll need an add-on ticket for the Knightmare Live performances.


Knightmare Live - 1:30pm, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th

Knightmare panel - 3:30pm, Sunday 12th

20th August 2018: Knightmare on Sky Box Sets

There was good news and bad news.

The good news was that Sky really do believe in better: they made Knightmare episodes available to watch.

The bad news: they only had one series available.

More good news: it was Series 3, hailed by many as the Greater Game at its greatest.

Further bad news: they didn't have the whole of Series 3 available. The last two episodes were absent.

An advisor from the Sky Help Team gave an honest response to this riddle via social media: 'Episodes 15 & 16 will be added to Challenge TV Catch Up in due course. I don't have dates so just keep checking Challenge TV Catch Up or search for programme via your Sky TV guide.'

Sadly we have to finish with even more bad news. Checking the Sky website in December 2018, we see that Knightmare is now totally absent and we've amended this article accordingly.

We look forward to bringing you more good news about this when we can.

27th August 2018: Knightmare at PLAY Expo London

Sharing some of the stellar photos, videos and posts from this month's get-together.

On 11th-12th August 2018, PLAY Expo at The Printworks in London united guests and fans of Knightmare in a way that echoed our own Knightmare convention in 2014.

Chief among these was the face of Knightmare - that is, the face where the skin doesn't flake off as you run out of life force - Hugo Myatt a.k.a. Treguard.

Knightmare artist David Rowe also made a welcome appearance.

David was interviewed by Blast Process.

Both the Saturday and the Sunday saw performances of Knightmare Live, fresh from Nine Worlds 2018 the day before. As ever, Paul Flannery was on fine form as Treguard, with Hugo Myatt treading the boards too.

Saturday's Knightmare Live advisors were the Oliver Twins, creators of the Dizzy video games which have been around as long as Knightmare. If you're a fan of both, you'll love the fangame Knightmare Dizzy.

Among the YouTubers at PLAY Expo London were Stuart Ashen and Paul Gannon, who had served as advisors in the Knightmare Live performance filmed by Red Bull TV for their series Screenland. Stuart of course was the dungeoneer in the special %%INTERNAL 18 Geek Week 2013 episode of Knightmare.


3rd October 2018: Hugo Myatt at Middlesbrough Unleashed

Another convention knew Treguard's calling name...Hugo Myatt was a guest at Middlesbrough Unleashed: Teesside University, Sunday 7 October.

We were pleased to bring you this news on the 30th anniversary of the first Knightmare win. We hope those of you who met Hugo at Middlesbrough Unleashed felt triumphant too.

17th October 2018: Joanne Heywood: Heinz Soup Advert

There's a new advert featuring Joanne Heywood (Stiletta, Series 8). Joanne plays the mother in 'Good to be Home', an advert for Heinz Soup of the Day.

Joanne's other TV adverts this year include Elder and Maltesers. She will also be appearing in a short film (Sequins) and a pantomime run (Dick Whittington at the Lichfield Garrick Theatre).


11th November 2018: Knightmare's Merlin inspires novel

In an interview with The Coffee Pot Book Club blog, historical fiction author Steven A. Mackay discussed how his historical fiction novel The Druid was inspired by Knightmare:

'It was really quite imaginative and made the viewer think, rather than just vegetate in front of the TV. Anyway, I was watching a rerun of that recently and there was an actor portraying Merlin [John Woodnutt]. I looked at him and thought, "Hmm, a druid would be a good character to base a book around." It all developed from that one spark.'

20th November 2018: Art of Knightmare: Reprints

The latest news about one of our favourite books.

If you're content to have any old dungeon on your bookshelf, there may be a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey at your local charity shop. If you'll only settle for the best, the book for you is David Rowe's Art of Knightmare.

This book is full of David's dungeon room paintings from the early series, including visuals, roughs and sketches and production techniques. We don't know exactly how many shades it contains but they're certainly not all grey.

22nd November 2018: Isy Suttie in Zapped

Isy and fantasy TV meet again.

Knightmare fan turned Knightmare actress Isy Suttie appeared in this week's episode of Zapped: the Series 3 finale. She guest starred as Esme, part of a group who went dragon spotting at the top of a bell tower.

Isy established her sitcom credentials with Peep Show and has appeared in others since, including Damned and Man Down. She also appeared in Knightmare when it returned for a YouTube Geek Week special in 2013, playing Treguard's assistant Veruca/Daisy.

23rd November 2018: Knightmare Live: Back for 2019

Game on in Leicester, Birmingham and Manchester.

Next year, our kingdom may need all the entertainment it can get. Fortunately the Knightmare Live dimension will be reuniting with ours for another series of shows.

Confirmed so far:

Leicester: Sue Townsend Theatre, Saturday 16 February 2019
Birmingham: Midland Arts Centre, Saturday 9 March 2019
Manchester: PLAY Expo, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May 2019 (there's talk of a special guest)
London:Kings Place Theatre, TBC

And don't forget that you don't simply have to be a watcher. You could be on stage...

Whatever awaits in 2019, we'll need to keep our strength up. Knightmare Live's Paul Flannery can help with that too, thanks to his innovative Role Play Gourmet series of recipes. Find them on Coaching for Geeks.

27th November 2018: Hugo Myatt on BBC Norfolk

Hugo Myatt was on BBC Norfolk between 6pm and 7pm on 27 November 2018. Hugo discussed his favourite six tracks on BBC Norfolk's version of Desert Island Discs. If you missed the show, fear not (see what we did there?). The show will be repeated on Sunday 2 December 2018 between 1pm and 2pm, or you can listen to the show on catchup using the BBC Sounds app or on the BBC Radio Norfolk website.

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