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Events in 2006

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 2006


2nd January 2006: And a Happy New Year to you!

Welcome back to KNIGHTMARE.COM, now in it's SEVENTH year!

Challenge TV will resume Knightmare repeats from 8am on Saturday 7th January 2006, hopefully starting from Series 1 again so here is your chance to catch the first episodes from 1987. The schedule will be the same as last year with double bills 8-9am Saturday and Sunday mornings.

You'll also notice some changes to the look of the site over the next few months as pages are being re-formatted - some of which have not been touched since 1998! This should lead to faster loading times and I would like to thank Keith aka 'The Brollachan' for taking on this mammoth task.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Knew Year. The quest continues...


6th March 2006: Knightmare Still on Challenge!

Just a heads up - Challenge TV's rights to Series 4 will expire on 31 May 2006 and Series 5 on 30 September 2006, so the next showing of these Series could well be the last. If you haven't seen them yet - don't miss out!

Challenge's rights to Series 3 expired a couple of years ago (it was the first that they bought), and have not been renewed so far. To their credit, they have given Knightmare a large exposure over the last few years.

Challenge are currently mid-way through Series 6 and until the end of March 2006, Knightmare is on DAILY between 8-9am.

6th March 2006: John Woodnutt Death

Sadly we have to report that John Woodnutt, who played Merlin and Mogdred in Knightmare has died aged 81. John had a long and varied career as an actor, appearing in a large number of British films and shows.

A tribute to John can be seen in Robin Barlow's tribute:
A Magical Man (Part 1)
A Magical Man (Part 2)

Further information on his career can be found on the Internet Movie Database and Wikipedia.


10th July 2006: Q-Con XIII Games Convention

A re-creation of Knightmare entitled 'Q-Nightmare' took place at Q-Con XIII (16-18th June 2006) - the 13th annual gaming convention hosted by Queen's University Belfast Dragonslayers.

Thanks to Andrew (one of the organisers) for posting the following links in the forum.

You can also find out more at the Project Qnightmare Weblog].


18th September 2006: Hugo Myatt & Frightfest 2006

The Zone Horror Frightfest took place at the end of August at the Odeon West End cinema in Leicester Square, London.

Hugo Myatt (a.k.a. Treguard the Dungeon Master) attended the screening of a new film called Snatching Time. This is a short horror/comedy starring Hugo as the psychopathic Bob Snatcher.

Thanks to Clive Ashenden (producer/director of the film) for this news.

Snatching Time has previously been available on YouTube (but it's not suitable for younger viewers).

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