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Events in 2021

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 2021


10th February 2021: Knightmare Series 4 on BritBox

Series 4 of Knightmare (1990) will be available on streaming service BritBox from Thursday 4th March.

It will be part of BritBox's new 'Back to the 90s Collection' which also includes episodes of The Crystal Maze (Richard O'Brien era) and Jungle Run. Other CITV favourites like Press Gang are already available.

It's been a while since Knightmare was last repeated on TV, so we're glad that BritBox is giving people a new way of watching it in high quality, especially during this period of widespread armchair adventuring.

Here's hoping that it will open the portal for Knightmare's other series to be added too.

12th February 2021: Fan video: Lego Knightmare

The first instalment of Bricking-It & friends' charming and entertaining Knightmare quest in Lego.

20th February 2021: Interview with dungeoneer Anthony

Anthony Haigh, dungeoneer for Series 2 Team 11, was Paul Flannery's guest on the Knightmare Live Twitch channel on 19 February. Anthony talked about his experience filming Knightmare in 1988 and how he later designed his own Knightmare board game.

A recording of the interview is available for a limited time on the Twitch channel.

Other Years

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