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Knightmare in SFX Magazine

By Alan Boyd

There was a short feature on Knightmare in the July edition of SFX Magazine, styled as 'the Earth's greatest Sci-Fi and fantasy magazine'.

This was part of the magazine's 'Space Kidettes' feature. The article pairs Knightmare with 'Treasures of the Mindlord', a 1986 game show from ITV's Television South West (TSW).

It describes Knightmare as 'the nerd's show of choice' with 'nutty characters and riddles'. It also claims its natural audience 'stopped watching TV and buggered off to play computer games instead'.

A preview of the cover of SFX magazine issue 145 (July 2006).

A preview of the short article on Knightmare, 'Dungeons and Dragons', from SFX magazine issue 145 (July 2006).


Thanks to Orpheus on the forum for alerting us and providing a scan of the magazine cover and article.

In 2021, Channel 4 drama It's A Sin depicted the character Ritchie, an actor, in a fictional episode of Doctor Who. SFX magazine celebrated this with a mocked-up October 1988 magazine cover (in their modern design) that made reference to other TV series and films of the time such as Red Dwarf, Star Trek: The Next Generation... and Knightmare!

You can see this cover, as tweeted by SFX editor Darren Scott, here.

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