Series 6, Quest 3. Alan meets Haggatty the witch on the outskirts of WitchHaven (Level 2)

Series 6 Quest 3

By Keith McDonald

Team 3: Alan, Jim, Nick and Mark from St Albans.

The third quest of Series 6 was for the Sword and lasted 47 minutes.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Alan, the dungeoneer.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. The advisors: Jim, Nick and Mark.

Level 1

The team choose the Sword, and proceed to the dwarf tunnels.

Pickle: "These tunnels are used by all sorts of creatures apart from dwarves. Some of them aren't exactly vegetarian."

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Alan is chased by a geist from the clue area in Level 1.

The Level 1 clue room. The scroll contains musical notes. They take it and a bar of gold, leaving a whip and a horn.

Spyglass: Lord Fear asks Sylvester Hands to impersonate a hero to gain Alan's confidence.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. A view of Julius Scaramonger through Lord Fear's pool.

He is then contacted by Julius Scaramonger, who complains about the new Oriental tradesman. Fear says he will unleash an offensive spell on the marketplace.

In Wolfenden, Alan meets Hands, who is badly disguised as 'Coonan the Vegetarian'. He invites Alan for a drink, but the team manages to fob him off.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Alan meets Sly Hands disguised as Coonan the Vegetarian.

In the marketplace, a Samurai warrior appears to attack Ah Wok. The team are able to dispel it as they overheard the spell from the spyglass.

A grateful Ah Wok gives Alan the password and some silver in exchange for the gold.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Ah Wok cowers as a samurai warrior enters the marketplace.

Hands is waiting for them in the inn, already drunk. Ridolfo enters with a flourish, which causes an argument with Hands.

With Hands gone, the team exchange the musical scroll for the causeway code.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Sly Hands recoils in fright as Ridolfo pokes his sabre at him.

Cagey progress through the causeway to reach the gateway to Level 2.

Smirkenorff then calls Alan a cheapskate for offering silver!

Level 2

Alan meets Sidriss, who is upset and covering her face. She wanted to be beautiful, so she attempted some cosmetic magic that went wrong. She asks for his help.

Level 2 clue room. The scroll reads: 'Give him a great big hand'. The clues are: a bag of gold, a sword, a gauntlet and an ugly potion.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. The Level 2 clues include a gauntlet and an 'ugly' potion.

Spyglass: Lord Fear is showing Skarkill what appears to be a Genoese box of delights. Only, this has a hidden danger lurking within.

The team debates whether to call Sidriss based on the potion. When Treguard reminds them of the scroll, they take the gauntlet instead.

Into Witch Haven, where Peggatty is in 'a foul mood', according to Pickle. Alan escapes the onslaught without any damage.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Alan turns away as a disguised Hordriss hands him a box with a medusa eye.

Hordriss is disguised as a starving beggar. He tests the team's moral compass by asking for money without pledging anything in return.

When the team give him gold, he unveils the Genoese box. The team are panicked at first. Then the advisors tell Alan to take the box but keep it closed.

They proceed towards the Rocks of Bruin.

Alan meets Heggatty in another clearing. The team are cautious of her at first because of the earlier encounter with Peggatty.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Alan tries to stop Heggatty opening the box with the medusa eye.

Heggatty gets excited by the box and opens it despite Alan's protests. Apparently, the Medusa has no effect on witches!

Heggatty: "Bet ye thought I'd to stone be turned, didn't ye?"

She offers a BEAUTY spell in return. They immediately summon Sidriss and cast it to make her happier.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Sidriss is happy after she is made beautiful again.

Sidriss offers Alan the password and tells them to take ship to Level 3.

The team bypass the Dreadnort with the password.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. The Dreadnort walks away from the Rocks of Bruin.

Another chamber inside the Dungeon, where Lord Fear's hand appears.

The team work out that Alan needs to put on the gauntlet. An armoured hand appears to thwart Fear.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Alan's gauntlet seizes Lord Fear's hand to allow Alan an escape.

Alan reaches a ship called the Cloudwalker, which acts as the gateway to Level 3.

Level 3

This vessel, unless I'm mistaken, can cross more than just oceans. Neither is Lord Fear nor his minions allowed to take passage.


Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Alan arrives on the galleon, Cloudwalker.

Elita swings in on a rope. She insults Alan and tells him to get off before the captain realises he's on board.

Below decks, they find a scroll and a spyglass. The scroll reads: 'Abandon ship! Women and children first!"

Spyglass: Lord Fear says the Sword is hidden deep in the Caverns of Gore. He tells Skarkill how to cross the causeway and orders him to head there with his hobgoblin, Tiny.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. The angry Captain Nemanor pledges to destroy any stowaways.

He then summons Captain Nemanor, a dangerous adversary, to alert him to the possibility of a dungeoneer on board.

Nemanor says he will kill any stowaways himself.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Elita hurries Alan off the ship.

Elita hops out from behind the barrel. Smikenorff is unwell, she says. She'll help Alan if he steals a firestone from Ariadne's new lair.

Alan arrives at a dwarf tunnel, collecting a key from the floor.

Treguard: "Be careful, team. As the elf said, the dwarves have left, but others use these passages..."

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Alan tries to slip past Skarkill the Goblin Master in a narrow corridor.

As Alan turns the corner, we see Skarkill skulking just out of sight. It's a tense moment, but they proceed carefully and slip past unnoticed.


The Level 3 causeway. The advisors dither and Alan barely moves before his time is up.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 3. Alan falls from the causeway after the timer runs out.

Down he goes.

Treguard: "I warned you - you've got to be quick in Level 3."

More information

This team's foray into Level 3 was highlighted in a News Picture from Anglia Television (October 23, 1992).

A press-release card of Hordriss (Clifford Norgate) from 1992.

Wizard wheezes are a speciality of Hordriss (Clifford Norgate), proud magician of the adventure game KNIGHTMARE on Children's ITV, Friday October 23rd, 4.40pm.

A team of four lads from St Albans have reached the third and final level of the electronic dungeon. But can they find that extra bit of magic to become the first winners this series? The path is deep and perilous as their opponent, Lord Fear, lays his plots and traps.

A Broadsword production for Anglia Television

Unfortunately, their demise came just 26 seconds into the new episode - the earliest recorded in Knightmare history.

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