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Events in 1999

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 1999


1st January 1999: Site Launch

This site was officially launched on the 1st January 1999 to meet the demand for more Knightmare information on the web.

We hope visitors will enjoy what they see, and come back regularly to check up on the big programme of updates planned over the forthcoming months.

At present, the site only covers Series 2 of Knightmare, and more series guides are being worked on.

Any comments or ideas would be very appreciated.


13th February 1999: New Broadsword Show?

Broadsword Television are currently working on a new programme called 'The Millennium Game'. This is a pan-European project, where teams from various European countries can compete against each other.

At the moment, this programme is very much in the development stage, but as soon as more information is available, you will see it here. Thanks to Sue Child at Broadsword for the information.

16th February 1999: Bigglethwaite

After only two months since launch, this site has been named Bigglethwaite's UKTV Site of the Week!

Thank you for the award!


10th July 1999: Third Party Productions

Phil Colvin went to a recent performance of Hamlet, and noticed in the programme that is was being produced by Third Party Productions - a company co-directed by Tim and Sue Child of Broadsword/Televirtual.

Nicholas Collett (of TimeBusters series 1/2) is also involved in performing. The Hamlet tour has now finished, but you can find out more information on future productions from their website at thirdparty.demon.co.uk


6th September 1999: Iona Kennedy on The Bill

Iona Kennedy (Sidriss) featured on ITV's 'The Bill' on the 1st September 1999. She played Mrs. Lee.

Thanks to Daniel Pridham for this information

10th September 1999: Cliff Barry in Red Dwarf

Look out for Cliff Barry (Lissard) who will be appearing in Red Dwarf VIII playing a guard, which is currently being repeated on BBC TWO. The episode is entitled 'Krytie TV'.

Thanks to Ben Maydon and to Daniel Lawrence for this information.


26th October 1999: Site Hits and Profile

The front page has achieved over 10,000+ hits since 1 January 1999. That's around 1,000 per month. Thank you very much for visiting and re-visiting.

We've also got the following visitor information, courtesy of Sitetracker:

Around 80% of visitors are from the UK (no surprise there).

Over 62% of you use 800x600 screen resolution.

The most popular times for this site are:

27th October 1999: 40 Years of Anglia

Anglia TV have just finished showing a series of programmes celebrating their 40 years. On the last epsiode, they showed a clip of James' quest from Knightmare Series 3 for around a minute.

There was some commentary before the clip over the original Knightmare theme. During the clip, a '1989' box flashed up along with more commentary, then Velda shot a guard! Afterwards they showed a clip of Virtually Impossible.

Thanks to Alex Smith who provided this information.

We also understand that there is a page about Knightmare and Virtually Impossible in the 'Anglia at 40' book. If anyone has seen this and can provide more information, please contact us.

Other Years

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