A painting of Knightmare castle on a hill

Events in 2007

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 2007


19th April 2007: Q-Con XIV - The Qnightmare Returns!

A live action re-make of Knightmare once again featured as part of Q-Con in Belfast in June 2007.

A short trailer is available:


1st May 2007: Bolt Action Five Song on Knightmare

A London based four-piece act called Bolt Action Five has written a track called 'Tree Friend Tree Foe'.

This is a tribute to Knightmare with numerous references to the show within its lyrics, and the single was actually released as a limited edition vinyl release in March 2007. The band split in 2008 but their MySpace page is still active. Thanks to JamesA on the Knightmare Discussion Forum for spotting this!


13th August 2007: A Knightmare Rollercoaster!

Okay, nothing to do with the Knightmare as we know it, but a new ride at the Camelot Theme Park in Lancashire has been named 'Knightmare'!

EDIT: The Camelot Theme Park closed in 2012, but footage still exists of the ride experience. Check it out below.


7th September 2007: Knightmare at 20

On 7th September 2007 it was exactly 20 years since the first episode of Knightmare was broadcast on Children's ITV.

Just thought you'd like to know!

Other Years

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