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A range of views, opinions, debates and commentary of interest on Knightmare and related themes.

Fans of the show provide us with a broad range of contributions.

These include opinion pieces, nostalgic memories of Knightmare, light-hearted observations, and connections that have been spotted between Knightmare and other shows.

We welcome new contributions, so do get in touch with your ideas.

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Hugo Myatt in rehearsals with Paul Flannery for Knightmare Live (2016). Picture credit: Jackie Vance.

Our reviews of Knightmare-related activities – on stage, screen, and in print.


Series 4, Quest 4. Simon arrives at the Block and Tackle in Level 2.

A series of light-hearted, funny and frivolous views on Knightmare.


David Rowe's Art of Knightmare book, signed by the author.

Discover more about Knightmare's broad range of official merchandise.

Looking Back

Man on a rooftop, looking back. A slightly adapted photo from Analise Benevides on Unsplash.

Major milestones, personal memories, and tributes in memoriam to deceased Knightmare actors.


Courtroom trial watching knightmare

Fans address a series of debates and opinions around Knightmare.


Sprite emerging from fire. By Leandro De Carvalho from Pixabay (free to use:

What connects Knightmare to a range of popular sci-fi and fantasy franchises? Find out here.