David Rowe's Art of Knightmare book, signed by the author.


Discover more about Knightmare's broad range of official merchandise.

The items available included cast photos, clothing, computer games and a board game. Seven Knightmare gamebooks were released during the show's original run, while artist David Rowe published the first edition of his Art of Knightmare in 2014. Discover more about the merchandise below.

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Activision Game

Knightmare computer game - Activision 1987 - Commodore 64 cover

The first Knightmare computer game was written by MD Software and published by Activision in 1987 for the Amstrad, Spectrum, and Commodore 64.

Book 1: Can You Beat the Challenge?

Front cover of

"The only way is onward - There is no turning back!" Details of the first Knightmare book, Can you beat the challenge?

Book 2: The Labyrinths of Fear

Front cover of

"Mortals, you have entered my realm. This is the underworld..." Details of the second Knightmare book, The Labyrinths of Fear.

Book 3: Fortress of Assassins

Front cover of

"The citadel of the assassins is a web - and you are the flies..." Details of the third Knightmare book, Fortress of Assassins.

Book 4: The Sorcerer's Isle

Front cover of

"Beware the power of the Grail - only he who is pure in heart and deed may look upon it and live." Details of the fourth Knightmare book, The Sorcerer's Isle.

Book 5: The Forbidden Gate

Front cover of

"If your heels be nimble and light, You can get there by candlelight." Details of the fifth Knightmare book, The Forbidden Gate.

Book 6: The Dragon's Lair

Front cover of

"All sorcerers know the secret - Dragons must die for magic to live!" Details of the sixth Knightmare book, The Dragon's Lair.

Book 7 - Lord Fear's Domain

Front cover of

"Unravel my riddles by sunrise - or remain in my world for all eternity..." Details of the seventh Knightmare book, Lord Fear's Domain.

Knightmare Merchandise

David Rowe's Art of Knightmare book, signed by the author.

Knightmare merchandise included a broad range of items. These included computer games and a board game, signed cast photo-packs, plus a range of Knightmare t-shirts, sweatshirts and mugs.

Mindscape's Knightmare Game

Knightmare computer game - Mindscape 1991 - Amiga cover

The second Knightmare computer game was written by Tony Crowther and published by Mindscape in 1991 for the Amiga and the Atari ST.

The Knightmare Board Game

Knightmare board game by Milton Bradley games

See a review of the board game and download the riddle book to test your Knightmare knowledge.