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Book 1: Can You Beat the Challenge?

By Nicholas Lam

"The only way is onward - There is no turning back!" Details of the first Knightmare book, Can you beat the challenge?

Ride with Treguard - outlawed Saxon Knight and supreme swordsman - through the dark sorcerous lands of history, as he sets off on a tortuous quest to regain his birthright. His task - to seize once more the keys to the grim Northern keep, known as Knightmare Castle!

Read carefully, for as Treguard's quest unfolds, so you too can arm yourself against evil and prepare for the ultimate test. For, deep within the depths of this adventure story, lie the dread dungeons of Knightmare Castle, where you too can struggle to overcome the monstrous puzzles of ITV's award-winning game series - Knightmare.

Can Treguard survive the challenge of Knightmare? Can you?

Cover of book 1: Can you beat the challenge?

The story

Treguard of Dunshelm returns from to England to reclaim Knightmare Castle, which had been stolen from his family by Vestan of Brittany. Under the watch of the villainous Gruagach, Treguard undergoes a hazardous journey through towns, mountains and marshlands. Armed with a magic shield and his trusty sword, Wyrmslayer, and the company of Folly the jester, Treguard takes on the Knightmare dungeon before facing the Grugach in a final showdown.

The game

In the gamebook, there are three separate quests to complete: slightly difficult, hard, and difficult. Only when you complete all three will Merlin acknowledge you as a true champion. The route is largely premeditated, which can seem frustrating, but you will encounter some famiiar faces from the show. But the book redeeems itself by feeding elements from the story into the choose-your-own gameplay.

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