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What connects Knightmare to a range of popular sci-fi and fantasy franchises? Find out here.

Did you know that one-time Knightmare set designer Mel Bibby worked on Red Dwarf? Or that the creator of Smirkenorff the Dragon, Mark Cordory, worked on Doctor Who?

Find out more about these connections between Knightmare and other fantasy shows, from cast and crew appearances to recent revivals in the 2010s.

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Knightmare and Doctor Who

Twelfth Doctor and Knightmare poster

What connects Knightmare with the Whoniverse? Quite a lot, actually...

Knightmare and Game of Thrones

Game of thrones banner

Two Knightmare actors appeared in Game of Thrones.

Knightmare and Harry Potter

Advisors, Series 6 Team 1

A popular series of fantasy novels has come to our attention again.

Knightmare and Hitchhiker's Guide

Lazlar Lyricon - Michael Cule, David Learner, header image

Dispel: C-I-N-A-P! It includes television episodes, books, stage shows, merchandise and a computer game or two. I'm talking about both Knightmare and The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

Knightmare and Red Dwarf: XI Links

Red Dwarf banner

Red Dwarf is back on TV this week for Series XI. How does this relate to Knightmare?

Knightmare and The Crystal Maze

The Crystal Maze

If you like the dungeon, chances are you like the maze. But what else connects them?

Knightmare and Wizards vs Aliens

Wizards versus Aliens cover screen

Wizards vs Aliens has featured actors from Knightmare and Knightmare Live.

Rare Find Manifests in Ariadne's Lair?


One of the most obscure of Knightmare's many clue objects has recently surfaced as a rare find.

Top of the Pops 1987 and Knightmare

Top Of The Pops (TOTP) 1987 title card

BBC Four's repeats of Top of the Pops recently reached 10th September 1987: three days after Knightmare started.