Series 4, Quest 4. Simon arrives at the Block and Tackle in Level 2.


A series of light-hearted, funny and frivolous views on Knightmare.

Do you know if you're obsessed with Knightmare? Do you remember the funniest moments? Check out some of our light-hearted takes on the show and rekindle your memory of its best scenes and characters.

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13 Threats to Get Teams Moving

Series 3 Quest 2 - Level 2 - goblin in foreground

From Ariadne and assassins to ghosts and goblins, a look back at Knightmare's various hurry-ups.

30 Facts About Knightmare

Treguard holding helmet of justice

Just keep telling yourself: it's only a list article. Isn't it?

5 Moments of Girl Power in Knightmare

Silhouettes of girls in front of a world map

Knightmare was mentioned in an article about gender equality in tonight's Evening Standard - so we've picked five top moments of Knightmare girl power for us all to enjoy.

Dungeon of Deceit: Fools of Knightmare

Pickle fooling Fatilla in Series 4 Quest 4

Knightmare was built on illusion, but which characters and contestants were the biggest victims of its foolery?

Forgery in Knightmare

Series 5, Quest 7. Julius Scaramonger sells Christopher a spell.

It's a phrase that has become synonymous with American politics. If there's anything the good old POTUS doesn't want to hear, it's 'fake news'.

Knightmare & Nik Kershaw's The Riddle

Nik Kershaw's The Riddle video

Yes, I'm really doing this. You may as well try to make the best of it.

Knightmare Voted Best Ever Kids' Show

Treguard holding helmet of justice

Knightmare has been crowned 'Kids TV Champ' via an online poll run by

Lord Fear vs Mogdred

Lord Fear and Mogdred

The top ten reasons why Lord Fear was a better villain than Mogdred (and vice-versa) by Martin Odoni.

Skarkill vs Lissard

Skarkill, the Goblin Master. Played by Rayner Bourton.

Who was the better henchman between Skarkill and Lissard? Here's five arguments for each, by Steven Webberley.

Top Ten Reasons: Obsessed

Series 5, Powers that Be. Pickle (David Learner), and Treguard (Hugo Myatt).

Our readers give their top ten reasons when you know you're obsessed with Knightmare.