Man on a rooftop, looking back. A slightly adapted photo from Analise Benevides on Unsplash.

Looking Back

Major milestones, personal memories, and tributes in memoriam to deceased Knightmare actors.

Here, we look back at some of the major milestones in Knightmare history and commemorate the actors from the show who are no longer with us. There are also personal reflections from fans of how Knightmare has influenced their lives.

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20 Years of

Laptop on back background. By Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

How did it all begin? And what has happened since?

2013: Knightmare's Year

Isy Suttie and Hugo Myatt as Daisy and Treguard in the Geek Week 2013 episode of Knightmare

What a year 2013 has been for Knightmare! Starting with...

25 Years of Lord Fear

Lord Fear casting a spell

Remember Lord Fear's first appearance on Knightmare? It was 25 years ago today.

30 Years of Knightmare Memories Part 1

Old fashioned Knightmare intro credit sequence

Robin Barlow's personal look back at Knightmare and what it's meant to him.

30 Years of Knightmare Memories Part 2

Old fashioned Knightmare intro credit sequence

Robin Barlow continues his look back on Knightmare and the personal experiences it's given him.

30 Years of Treguard's 'ooh nasty'

Treguard ohhh nasty

Treguard's unplanned catchphrase has reached a milestone.

Barry the Dungeoneer: 25 Years Later

Barry's team from Season 7

The silver anniversary of a silver tongue.

Children's ITV ends after 40 years

CITV logo against black background

Children's ITV, the brand that brought Knightmare and other classic shows to our screens, has closed for good after 40 years.

In Memory of Bill Cashmore

A cropped 1994 character shot of Honesty Bartram (Bill Cashmore).

Remembering Bill Cashmore (1961-2017), who appeared in Series 8 of Knightmare.

In Memory of Mary Miller

Lillith, the Sorceress. Played by Mary Miller.

Mary Miller, who appeared in Series 1 and 2 of Knightmare, has died.

John Woodnutt: A Magical Man, Part 1

Merlin the magician

Magical, mysterious, mischievous, mean moody and magnificent - just a few adjectives to describe the late, great John Woodnutt's contribution to Knightmare. He certainly had his M&M's, having played a dual role par excellence.

John Woodnutt: A Magical Man, Part 2

The John Woodnutt memorial bench by @UKmoose

The first reaction of any insane Knightmare fan is to exclaim there is no decent television - children's or otherwise - outside of Knightmare. The second is a grudging acknowledgement that there has been a lot to savour from past decades.

Knightmare in 2018

Hugo Myatt introducing Nor-Con 2018 video

What made 2018 a memorable year for Knightmare?

Knightmare Live at Five

Knightmare Live, first preview show, 2013

It's five years since Knightmare Live's first ever show.

Outside the Dungeon Walls

Book with pen

Knightmare fan Phil Colvin provides a memoir of growing up with Knightmare and life after it.

When Simon Sidestepped: 25 Years Later

Simon sidestepping left and falling

November 2nd 2015 marked 25 years since one of Knightmare's all-time classic moments.