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As a cult favourite, Knightmare crops up in a range of online media.

You can find references to Knightmare in podcasts and YouTube videos, as well as on popular online magazines such as Vice and Den of Geek. We've featured the best below.

One to watch out for is a 2016 documentary called Screenland from Red Bull TV. This featured Knightmare as an example of a cult classic game brought back to life. It's available on Netflix, but also free to view online.

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Articles in Metro

Filming of spyglass sequence in Knightmare geek week

The Metro newspaper was one of several to report on Knightmare's Geek Week return.

Knightmare and Quickly Kevin

Quickly Kevin podcast - S02E10

Knightmare cropped up in 'Quickly Kevin; will he score? The 90s Football Show'.

Knightmare and Screenland

Red Bull Screenland

Knightmare is part of a new documentary series from Red Bull TV.

Knightmare Contestants' Podcast

Barry Thorne eavesdropping on Lord Fear with shellphone, Series 7 Quest 7 (1993)

Two Series 8 contestants talk about their Knightmare experience in the podcast Time for Cakes and Ale.

Knightmare Gamebook Playthroughs

Front cover of

Knightmare gamebooks 1 and 2 have been played interactively by fans on YouTube.

Knightmare in the Guardian 2013

Cropped 1987 publicity shot of Treguard (Hugo Myatt).

The Guardian has published items on how Knightmare was made and how it still stands out in the world of children's television.

Knightmare in The Independent

Treguard holding helmet of justice

We're pleased to see Knightmare getting pride of place in an article from The Independent.

Knightmare's Return to Norwich

Isy Suttie and Hugo Myatt as Daisy and Treguard in the Geek Week 2013 episode of Knightmare

Online features about Knightmare's return by the Norwich Evening News, Epic Studios and ITV Anglia.

Rupert Grint and Knightmare

Rupert Grint

In an interview with Den of Geek, actor Rupert Grint has revealed that he remembers Knightmare.

Vote for Treguard in The Mirror

Treguard holding helmet of justice

The Mirror includes Knightmare in its list of game shows you wanted to appear on when you were young. But its poll needs your help.