Series 8 opening sequence from episode 1


CGI elements were integral to Knightmare, even during its early years. The creators would eventually revert to a full CGI dungeon for the final series.

CGI composites were introduced as early as Series 3 for transitions such as the early Dwarf Tunnels and the Minecart Tunnel to Level 3.

It was mostly reserved for puzzles during the middle years of Knightmare but returned in force for Series 7 with a new Rift Valley and the technomagical environment of Goth.

For the final series, the creators moved to a fully computer-generated dungeon. This made it possible to recycle dungeon rooms more efficiently. CGI videos were also used for Eyeshield sequences between rooms.

In This Section

Black Tower of Goth

A corridor in the Black Tower of Goth (Series 7-8).

Lord Fear's domain of Goth formed the entire Level 3 in Series 7, and the entire Level 2 in Series 8.

Block and Tackle

The Block and Tackle room (Series 4).

With its unstable flooring and walls, the Block and Tackle was a tricky obstacle in the fourth series.


A causeway puzzle of rock, paper and scissors in Series 5 (1991).

A series of floor puzzles. Teams had to follow a combination against the clock to cross safely.

Corridor of Blades

The Corridor of Blades, used in Knightmare for five seasons between 1990 and 1994.

A conveyor belt with blades passing down each side was Knightmare's most formidable and durable challenge.


The exit from the descending device, used for three seasons between 1991 and 1993.

The descending device was an elevator that transferred dungeoneers between levels.

Dice Room

The Dice Room from Series 3 of Knightmare

The opening room of the Series 3 dungeon was plain green and dominated by a giant dice that revealed the doorways.

Dwarf Tunnels (Series 3)

Knightmare's CGI-generated dwarf tunnels in Series 3 (1989).

Straight tunnels used as an occasional transition between rooms in Series 3.

Fireball Alley

Fireball Alley, a puzzle in Series 8 (1994).

A sequencing puzzle that caused a fair degree of panic among teams in Series 8 of Knightmare.

Fireball Chamber

The Level 1 variant of a fireball challenge in Series 8 (1994).

A hazardous puzzle that appeared throughout the dungeon in Series 8.

Golden Galleon

Top deck of the Golden Galleon in Series 8 (1994).

A ship that transferred dungeoneers between Lord Fear's two towers in the final series.


Series 8 Level 3 - Linghorm through the eyeshield

The first of Lord Fear's palaces in Level 3 of the final series.


The Corridors of Marblehead in Series 8 (1994).

The second of Lord Fear's palaces and his principal domain in the final series of Knightmare.

Minecart Tunnel

The CGI minecart track used in Series 3 of Knightmare (1989).

To reach Level 3 in the third series, dungeoneers had to travel down the minecart tunnel.

Moving Blocks / Firebomb Room

One variant of a moving floor challenge challenge, known as the Firebomb Room (1993).

A floor puzzle that appeared in a variety of formats over the final two series of Knightmare.

Play Your Cards Right

The 'Play Your Cards Right' challenge that featured in Series 7 and Series 8.

A challenging and pressurised card game that claimed several victims.

Rift of Angar

The rift valley of Angar, which forms the threshold to Level 2 in Series 7 (1993).

The misty rift valley formed the threshold to Level 2 in Series 7 of Knightmare.

Sewer Pipes

The disused sewer pipes used at the beginning and end of the dungeon in Series 8 of Knightmare.

A network of disused sewer pipes appeared at the beginning and end of the dungeon in Series 8.

Sewers of Goth

The Sewers of Goth, one of Lord Fear's defences in Series 7 and Series 8 of Knightmare.

The Sewers of Goth formed the first line of defence inside Lord Fear's Black Tower.

Slice Me, Dice Me

Header image of the Slice Me, Dice Me challenge from Knightmare VR and Geek Week.

A fiendish puzzle with swinging axes introduced in the 21st century episodes of Knightmare.

Smirkenorff's Lair

The new nesting lair for Smirkenorff the Dragon in the final series.

A new nesting lair for Smirkenorff, who did not fly dungeoneers during the final series.

Snapdragon Tunnels

Snapdragon tunnels from Series 8 of Knightmare (1994).

The starting point for most teams in the final series was a long tunnel inhabited by snapdragons.


The Spindizzy from Series 3 of Knightmare.

The opening for Level 2 in the third series was a rotating platform among a scene of stars. Teams had to time their leap to one of five exits.

Trapdoor Rooms

The Level 1 trapdoor room from Series 8 of Knightmare.

Often guarded, these rooms contained the trapdoor that allowed teams to descend to the next level in Series 8.

Trial by Spikes

Series 7, Quest 2. Nicola takes on the Trial by Spikes in Level 2.

Lord Fear's vicious trap in Series 7 required fast guidance and careful timing to survive.