Series 4 reintroduced a number of characters from previous series. Both on the the side of the opposition and the side of the powers that be.

Treguard and Pickle

Pickle: "What about the watchers, master? "

Treguard: "Don't stare at them Pickle... In fact, why not, perhaps they'd know how we feel."

Pickle was Treguard's first assistant. Quite ready to offer help to the teams, so Treguard had to hold him back and remind him of the dungeon rules. He also did not like the way dungeoneers freely give their names out:

Pickle: "Master, master! Why do they need to keep giving their name out?"

Hordriss the Confuser

Treguard: "Caution team. This is Hordriss the Confuser, who stands neither to the right or left and so is doubly dangerous."


He was still not on the good side until the next series, when he replaced Merlin. He often set tasks for the team, to do something for him, like finding a potion somewhere in the lower levels.

Hordriss: "My calling name is 'Malefact'. Call three times and I will appear."


He guarded castle surrounds in Level 1, usually wanting an item for safe passage, but he was also easily bribed. Only once (in Jeremy's quest) was gold not enough and was about to kill, but luckily the team had a 'JOKE' spell. Another team choked him using a bottle they had picked up.

The Ogre

Treguard: "It's an Ogre, extreme danger"

One team gave him a necklace to get him off their back.


Gundrada: "I am Gundrada, the sword mistress". "Some people try calling me other things, but they're not alive any more."

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She carries a large broadsword, and won't hesitate to cut your head off unless you tell her who you are. Said the same to Scally the Dog on Children's ITV one afternoon, I recall. Otherwise usually friendly.

Motley - The Jester

A familiar affable face from series 3. Quite often seen hanging around with Mellisandre.

Mellisandre - The Maid

Another familiar, affable face from series 3. Quite often seen hanging around with Motley.


Again had his own room this series, but also popped up in different places, unlike previous series. Sometimes he would be tied up in stocks, or sat at a desk. As usual, he would give advice and magic. On one quest he went completely mad and started saying the opposite of everything, which really confused the team:

Merlin: "Don't sit down, I won't be with you shortly."

Brother Mace - A Tavern Monk

Once seen having lunch with an assassin! Like many other characters, he was also able to offer assistance in return for something. He sometimes invited dungeoneers for a game of cards, and gave jokers to them for use later on (it can call Motley). In Dickon's quest, he was turned into a Lizard as the team fulfilled a quest set by Hordriss.

Mace speaks Latin (with varied success), has 'the paunch' (proof of identity), and swears by strong drink and insobriety.


Boatman: "Deep is the Dunswater and cold. The fare for the crossing is silver or gold."

The Charon of the Dungeon, he was there to ferry the dungeoneer to the fortress of level 3. He would remain silent all the way through the boat ride, even when dungeoneers tried to ask him questions. He would be found on the riverbank of the Dunswater. Seen again in Series 5.


She was an ambivalent replacement for Morghanna of series 3. Later in the series (notably Dickon's quest), she was found deep in level 3 and being rather evil. Dickon's team defated her by casting a FIRE spell and she screamed and fell away. Yet, Malice was also found in level 1 setting a task for a team early in the series, in return for a reward.

Her calling name was MERRIS


The peril of Series 1-3 made a welcome return in this series. He was always found in Level 3 in two strategic points - the bridge, and the room following. Malice also appeared in these two places.

Here, the team wasn't too successful as they cast the wrong spell against him and died.

Both Malice and Mogdred tried to get their victims to pledge to them.

Mistress Goody

A successor of sorts to Mrs. Grimwold. She guarded Merlin in the stocks in level 1 once!

Only appeared about 3 times in this series.

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