Motley the jester in the dungeon

Motley, the Jester

By Keith McDonald

Motley was a lovable fool and woeful entertainer who persevered from Series 3 until the end of the show, becoming the third longest-lasting character.

Motley was a like-for-like replacement for Folly but was more of a public entertainer than a Shakespearian court fool.

He wore red and yellow garments and had a cheeky London dialect.

I'm the world's greatest professional entertainer.


Knightmare Series 3 Team 2. Motley the Jester introduces himself to the team.
Motley in Series 3 (1989)

The life of the entertainer

Motley begins as a replacement for Folly, giving clues and helping dungeoneers get around. In his first series, he is instrumental in helping teams reach Level 3.

In the following years, Motley takes up a stint at the tavern and fashions himself as an entertainer. After this, he becomes an occasional sidekick of Sidriss the Confused.

Knightmare Series 6 Team 1. Matt meets Motley the Jester and Sidriss the junior sorceress
Motley with Sidriss in Series 6 (1992)

Motley never wins over his audiences and barely seems to believe his own hype. He was always thin on comedy material and would reward jokes from dungeoneers.

He was regularly locked in the pillory or spell trapped. When dungeoneers helped him, he could offer 'steps', spells, passwords or moral support.

Motley was clearly wary of Mogdred and Lord Fear and says he won't fight goblins. But he had no fear of Ariadne and sent the big spider scuttling away in embarrassment.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 8. Motley chats with Giles in the tavern.
Motley in Series 4 (1990)

Hopeless romantic

Motley was attracted to several female characters during his five-series run.

I think I'm in love... I think I'm in danger!


Knightmare Series 4 Quest 6. Motley and Dickon share a joke.
Motley entertains in Series 4 (1990)

Unlike Folly's ill-fated admiration for Gretel the previous year, Motley had good chemistry with the new maid, Mellisandre.

But his future attempts to charm Knightmare's ladies were less successful and made for good comic relief.

Knightmare Series 5 Team 4. Motley leans on Ben's shoulder.
Motley in Series 5 (1991)

An odd sabbatical

Motley is the third longest-lasting character after Treguard (8 series) and Hordriss (6 series). He begins in the first episode of Series 3 and is last seen in the final episode of Series 8.

Motley was unexpectedly replaced for Series 7 by Fidjit, a raggedly locksmith. He does return for Series 8, however. His absence is explained as being frozen by the Opposition.

Knightmare Series 8 Team 1. The returning Motley the Jester listens while perched on Richard's shoulder
Motley's return for Series 8 (1994)

He is the only character to have missed a series and then re-joined the cast.

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