Goblins patrolling in Death Valley.


By Keith McDonald

Famed for their fearful horn, these orc-like creatures crawled the entire dungeon, striking fear into questing teams and audiences alike.

Goblins are among Knightmare’s most memorable characters - especially their distinctive horns that signalled danger.

They patrolled all levels of the dungeon. Teams had to outpace them or use an elf-portal to shake them off. Occasionally, players might be rescued by a character such as Hordriss, Gundrada or Stiletta.

Knightmare Series 3 Team 2. Goblins chase Cliff through the dwarf tunnel.
Goblins lead the chase through a dwarf tunnel

Freelance vs constrained

The goblins were a sustained threat in Series 3 and 4 when they roamed independently in greater numbers. They claim one victim by setting an ambush in the Corridor of the Catacombs.

From Series 5, the goblins came under the rule of a master - firstly Skarkill and then Raptor. The goblin pack was reduced to two, Grippa and Rhark, plus Skarkill's hobgoblin.

Most of their subsequent appearances were with the Goblin Master, who would often send them away to seal the capture himself.

Goblins might also be limited by treaties. In Series 7, they cannot attack in the town of Grimdale as it is an official sanctuary.

However, they continued to strike fear into players. One team from the final series has an extraordinary panic as the goblins close in.


These giant goblins did not appear often but were memorable for their terrifying size.

The first sighting is in Series 3. The dungeoneer must flee as the hobgoblin instigates an attack.

The second sighting is in Series 5. Skarkill's new hobgoblin, Tiny, confronts the final dungeoneer at the gate to Level 2. The horrified gatekeeper strikes it with his staff.

Tiny appears once again in Series 6, attending Hordriss's Academy of Magic. The team note its huge presence immediately but realise there is no threat.

Hobgoblin sightings were scarce because it required the actor or extra to appear alone on a separate bluescreen void to create the ratios.

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