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The 'Combat Chess' board from Series 2 was replaced with a cobra! Encountered by Team 4 (Leo).



A slightly different gargoyle from Series 1 and 2. It did not turn blue, but remained the same colour. There was an opportunity to gain advice by answering a question.

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Looks exactly the same as the dragon in the previous series, except this time he has a new voice (Welsh) and more friendly demeanour. Appeared in Team 11's quest asking a riddle to earn them "dragon magic".

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Owen: "If you're ignorant, then you've got to remain so... That's what I always say."

Cats' Eyes (Egyptian Room)

Beams fire from the eyes into the floor. The sequence created a pathway which presented a brief opportunity to cross. Team 4 here.

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Stained Glass Window

Same as in Series 2 (and based on the Level 3 clue room design). Sometimes with an animated bat flying across. Only two teams made it this far. Team 4 took the wrong path and fell off a cliff; Team 11 were destroyed by Morghanna appearing over the stained glass.

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The Final Room?

A room that did appear on the end credits of an episode, and in Series 2 had been the final quest room.


So was it a glimpse at the final room of Series 3? Well, as no other team survived beyond the stained glass window room, who knows what other scenes there were?

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