Here are the session logs from Season One of the Interactive Knightmare RPG.

Interactive Knightmare RPG

Season One Logs

Held on Saturday Evenings.

Session 1 : 16 October 1999

Team 1

The first ever Knightmare RPG with dungeoneer Anton

Session 2 : 23 October 1999

Team 1

Dungeoneer Anton continued his quest in level 2 from the week before, but died shortly after later in the level for not answering enough riddles correctly.

Team 2

Forester, who reached level 2 but also died there for the same reason.

Session 3 : 30 October 1999

Team 3

Michael was joined by Forester and they are currently on level 2.

Session 4 : 6 November 1999

Congratulations to Michael and Forester for being the first to win the Knightmare Chat RPG last Saturday. Their names have been added to the virtual scroll of honour and certificates have been sent by dragon mail!

Team 4

Current team in progress is Jon and Nicholas who are in level 1 puzzle room.

Session 5 : 13 November 1999

Team 4

Jon and Nicholas sort of died in level 1. After picking up a red stone, they got seriously stuck on the riddles and gave up.

Team 5

The next dungeoneer was Fear (aka Tim Child) who also died in level 1 after stepping on the wrong colour on the causeway puzzle.

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