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The Quest 2.3: Peek at the Pooka

By Keith McDonald

Interview with a pooka, plus details of a new Helmet of Justice for the upcoming series of Knightmare.

How long have you been appearing in Knightmare?

P This year's series will be my 4th time

How has your role developed over the years?

P My principle task has remained the same and it's something that I particularly relish: scaring the living daylights out of unsuspecting dungeoneers. My character has become more 3 dimensional (partly due to large amounts of gooseberry pie) and my performances on the show have increased steadily.

It has taken the producer some time to recognise my outstanding dramatic talent and quite honestly I think he is worried that I will upstage the rest of the cast.

Which other actors have influenced your career?

P Well obviously Sir Laurence Olivier, but I feel a close affinity with Kermit the Frog.

Have you been in any other TV shows?

P My debut was in a bush in the Blue Peter garden. It was just a walk-on (or float-on) part, but that was years ago. Since then I have spent time in the theatre and was quite active around the greener parts of the RSC's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". I also starred as some foliage in the recent Robin Hood remake, "Prince of Thieves" with Kevin Costner.

Do you think that there could be an Oscar looming around the corner?

P It's more likely to be some daft kid with a bucket on his head.

Well, actually I meant an artistic appreciation of your talents.

P Oh, my dear! Ours is a frightfully unrewarding profession. One frequently tears one's leaves out in sheer frustration. My producer suffers from the same problem, but of course with him it's hair.

Talking of such, do you have a favourite hairdresser?

P Actually, Vidal Sasoon personally designed my "through a hedge backwards" look. It's fine until Autumn when, unfortunately, it falls out and doesn't grow back until Spring. I am forced to wear a rather tacky plastic replacement during the winter months.

Do you have any hobbies?

P Most of my time is taken up acting but I do enjoy birdwatching, I have a natural advantage over human 'twitchers' as I have built in camouflage. I am also an avid fan of gardening programmes, some of my best friends have starred in Gardeners' World.

Who is your favourite Knightmare character?

P Well, my loyalties obviously lie with Lord Fear, but have to admit to there being some truth in the rumours about my romantic links with Gwendoline the Green Warden (although I must stress that I had nothing to do with her departure from the programme last year).

How do you cope with stardom?

P It's difficult to go anywhere these days without being recognised, but thankfully my admirers and autograph hunters are usually too terrified to approach me. Obviously it's difficult to spot me in the park but when I go shopping I usually wear a disguise.

Psst! Can you spot the Pooka hiding in my plants?

New Helmet of Justice details released!

Side view of the new Helmet of Justice (Series 7-8) from Knightmare.

Even Treguard has to change with the times - new technology has meant that the helmet re-design has been brought in this year. You will see the benefit in the new series when he sends our next intrepid adventurer into the unknown.

The more streamlined helmet (the horns kept getting caught in trees!) has been developed by a team of designers in consultation with the Director and Producer to accommodate the latest sound and visual developments, allowing the dungeoneer to have a better view on the world.

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