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The Quest 2.3: Knightmare Knews

By Keith McDonald

Latest updates, including news on the Knightmare crew's filming in Spain for the new Series 7.

The Portly Pixie

No, I am not referring to your friend and mine - Pickle the Elf!

The Portly Pixie are holding a Charity Fete and Open Day in aid of National Children's Home on Saturday July 18th from 1-6pm. There will be Tournaments, Indoor fantasy adventure experience, Bouncy Castle, stalls and side shows.

If you are an avid Live Role Playing fan then you may already have heard of The Portly Pixie, if not, you are missing out - the group has a purpose built complex for adventures and they provide all the necessary tools for a fully fledged quest. The team will brief you on all aspects of adventuring and even provide you with costumes so that you really feel the part. Adventures usually take 3 hours and are designed for teams of 6 but they are so popular that they are often booked up 4 weeks in advance.

Greenwood IV - 28th-29th August

The Fourth Official "Robin of Sherwood" convention to celebrate the 10th birthday of the series - all proceeds to the Woodland Trust. The weekend will involve guest appearances, indoor and outdoor events and even a little magic!


An image of the crew from Spain in The Quest, the Official Knightmare newsletter. Volume 2, Issue 3.

[This is a snap of the cameraman's bottom taken by the director!]

The Knightmare camera crew have just wandered back into the office looking disgustingly tanned and healthy and demanding that they take siestas every afternoon, yes, you guessed it... they have been filming in sunny Spain this year.

The beautiful Castille region of Spain turned out to be just a place for Treguard to set up holiday home in. He even contemplated taking on a time share in the old El Dorado set until he heard a rumour that they are going to be bulldozing the whole village in August!

Spot the difference

A spot the difference from Arlo Worts in The Quest, the Official Knightmare newsletter. Volume 2, Issue 3.

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