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About the Convention

By Keith McDonald

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Knightmare Convention took place on 9-11 May 2014 at EPIC Studios in Norwich.

Guests include the creator of Knightmare, Tim Child, and several of the show's leading stars, including Dungeon Master, Hugo Myatt (Treguard), and Leader of the Opposition, Mark Knight (Lord Fear).

The event went ahead after a crowdfunding campaign raised over £12,000. Hugo Myatt and Mark Knight became involved in the promotional activities to help us reach our target.

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The first day

Friday was arrivals day. This included the setup of the blue screen for guests to play a room of the dungeon.

The blue screen is set up at Epic Studios during the preparations for the Knightmare Convention 2014
The blue screen is prepared

The convention formally opened on the Friday evening with a performance from Knightmare Live, the stage adaptation.

The Knightmare Live team pose with the dungeoneer at the Knightmare Convention 2014
The Knightmare Live team at the Convention

Plenary events

On the Saturday and Sunday, plenary sessions included Q&A sessions with panels of guests including the creator of Knightmare, Tim Child, and actors from the show.

Artist David Rowe offered a masterclass on designing a dungeon room, during which he sketched a room to the audience's ideas.

There were also exclusive screenings of the extended Geek Week Knightmare episode and Lords of the Game, the 1992 pilot episode made for the US market.

Breakout events

Breakout events included a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a room of the dungeon using the original blue screen (chromakey) technology.

Fans and Convention staff yelling instructions at the screen during the Corridor of Blades. Image: EDP
Fans and convention crew guide a dungeoneer. Image credit: EDP

Convention guests could meet some of the actors in a breakout room and get photographs taken against a green screen.

There was also an opportunity to meet David Rowe at his stand and purchase prints of his artwork.

Late night extravaganza

The Saturday night was a hive of entertainment. It began with a DJ set from gaming enthusiasts Nintendisco in the foyer of EPIC Studios.

Retro DJ set Nintendisco provide early-evening entertainment at Epic Studios during the Knightmare Convention 2014
Entertainment by Nintendisco

Then began a late-night double-bill of Lord Fear-led roleplay. Mark Knight hosted 'Late Night with Lord Fear', starring Iona Kennedy as Sidriss. It was Lord Fear at his sneering best.

And at the stroke of midnight, the Midnight Hunt began. A team of RPG and LARP enthusiasts embarked on a two-hour quest through Norwich city centre to find the Cup, with Knight leading the Opposition.

The night ended beyond 2am with a celebratory bottle of wine on the outskirts of Norwich Castle grounds, as Fear savoured one more dramatic victory.

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