Mark Knight as Lord Fear and Iona Kennedy as Sidriss at Epic Studios for a 'Late Night with Lord Fear' session at the Knightmare Convention, 2014.

Late Night with Lord Fear

By Keith McDonald

It was only a matter of time before Opposition leader and all-round tyrant Lord Fear took over the evening's entertainment. What could possibly go wrong?

Lord Fear brought two decades of pent-up mockery to bear as he hosted his own chat show on the Saturday evening of the Convention.

His unlikely co-host was Sidriss (Iona Kennedy), with regular seneschal Lissard suffering from both ugliness and indigestion.

What do we do with people who come in late? We insult them all evening.

Lord Fear

Mark Knight was in storming form as he improvised his way through a session of interviews, jokes and barbs.

He branded dungeoneers idiots for pitting themselves against him, whilst thanking them for giving him something to do.

"I'm immortal," he reminded the crowd. "I'm bored a lot of the time."

Lord Fear then launched his appeal for donations to help dungeoneers - until he loses patience and begins demanding money with menaces.

Lord Fear tested the credentials of some nominated 'super fans' by asking them a bunch of suspicious questions about the show.

The session also gave the cosplaying attendees a deserved moment in the spotlight.

Guests on the couch during 'Late Night with Lord Fear' at the Knightmare Convention 2014
Guests are summoned to the sofa

Sidriss got to discuss beauty tips with her spirit-double, Emma Venvell, on the couch. Fear also invited up Helen McCulloch, who was dressed as the Ice Queen, Aesandre.

Iona Kennedy as Sidriss with a cosplaying fan as Sidriss during the 'Late Night with Lord Fear' event at the Knightmare Convention 2014
Iona Kennedy greets another Sidriss

This comical and acerbic session filled the evening nicely ahead of the Midnight Hunt.

That's so funny… Without any of the humour.

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