A nighttime image of Norwich Castle Gardens, where the end of the Midnight Hunt was staged

Midnight Hunt

By Keith McDonald

The Midnight Hunt was a live-action adventure that took place on the Saturday night of the 2014 Knightmare Convention. It starred Mark Knight as Lord Fear.

The Hunt saw a team of brave adventurers take to the streets of Norwich on a quest to find the Cup.

Departing Epic Studios at midnight, the team had two hours to complete their quest. They had to find clues and interact with non-playing characters in their passage through Norwich city centre.

The players also had to avoid bands of goblins, which were guarding sections of the route. Anyone caught by a goblin would be eliminated.

A map of Norwich City Centre showing potential routes for the gameplayers was created during the planning stages of the Midnight Hunt
A planned route for the contenders

In the early stages of their encounter, a spyglass revealed vital information about the fortunes of a King and Queen who were separated and had to communicate with each other covertly.

(The team was then caught watching by Lord Fear, with Mark Knight appearing live in character.)

This sequence about separation hinted at two sets of clues, which the team would only discover in the allocated time by splitting into groups.

However, the team left it late to do this, which meant they were unable to collect the spell they needed.

They were led to a showdown at Norwich Castle Gardens, where the Cup was in sight.

But Lord Fear had staged an ambush. The Cup was snatched out of reach as the team approached, and the goblins moved in to give the tyrannical overlord yet another victory.

A nighttime image of Norwich Castle Gardens, where the end of the Midnight Hunt was staged
Norwich Castle Gardens staged the epic finale

The Midnight Hunt was the second instalment of Fear-themed entertainment on the Saturday evening, following the Late Night with Lord Fear event.

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