Series 2, Quest 2. Claire faces a staring reptile in Level 1.

Series 2 Quest 2

By Keith McDonald

Team 2: Claire, Kerry, Michelle and Cheryl from Ludlow, Shropshire

The second quest of Series 2 was for the Shield and lasted 17 minutes.

Knightmare Series 2 Team 2. Claire, the dungeoneer.

Level 1

Treguard: "While the Wheel of Fate turns, Fortune slips away."

Claire emerges in the standard four-door entry room. The team choose the door with a knight symbol.

Into the Lion's Head, where the team get very cautious once cracks emerge in the floor.

Knightmare Series 2 Team 2. Claire treads carefully around the broken path.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Igneous (Score: 3). They earn the password and an additional clue to leave the cup.

Claire takes the other items: a key and a necklace (with some prompting from Treguard).

Knightmare Series 2 Team 2. Clues in the Level 1 clue room.

The Snake Room is now occupied by a lizard. Its large eyes observe Claire from a distance.

Treguard: "I haven't met this monster before. Friend or foe, I wouldn't know, but I shouldn't wait to find out."

The sorceress, Lillith, tries to guide Claire into the pit, but the advisors warn her of trickery.

Knightmare Series 2 Team 2. Claire arrives at Lillith's Domain.

Lillith concedes defeat and summons her causeway. Claire offers the necklace.

For this little trinket, I will reward you with a little spell. And since you are intelligent enough to have come this little far into the dungeon, you should know what that means.


On the cliff edge, Claire meets the Troll. The team spell-cast LITTLE to shrink it and escape.

Knightmare Series 2 Team 2. Claire encounters a troll at the ledge.

Gumboil is guarding the end of Level 1. They give him the password, but need prompting to take the wellway!

Level 2

Cedric the Mad Monk is guarding the first room of Level 2.

Cedric: "It's a dungeoneer, and more dung than ear by the look of it!"

Knightmare Series 2 Team 2. Claire meets Cedric at the start of Level 2.

He lets Claire take the "grub" even though they only get one of his riddles correct.

Cedric: "You'll need all your strength, cos you haven't got any brains!"

Into Ariadne's Lair.

Knightmare Series 2 Team 2. Claire must avoid the giant spider, Ariadne.

Here lies Ariadne, great-grandmother of arachnids. Once she captures you, there's no escape.


The team almost get caught when a web appears over the left exit.


The clue room is guarded by a cavern wraith, which descends upon Claire. They have no magic to defeat it.

Knightmare Series 2 Team 2. Claire's quest ends when she meets a Cavernwraith at the Level 2 clue room.

A ghoulish end.

Treguard: "What a shame you didn't collect some magic from Cedric..."

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