Series 8 opening sequence from episode 1

Series 8

Knightmare Series 8 was formed of 10 episodes. It was shown on Friday afternoons from 9 September - 11 November 1994.

Key facts

New characters

Other additions

The environment for Level 3 is now the Towers of Linghorm and Marblehead, separated by the Great Mire.

Series 8: What's new?

A series that almost didn't happen

After much negotiation, the eighth and final series of Knightmare went ahead with a shortened run of 10 episodes.

Most viewers at the time were completely unaware that it almost didn't happen, and that it would be a shorter season.

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In This Section

Children's ITV - 1994

Children's ITV 1994: A banner of the 'stay safe' campaign in late October / early November of 1994.

A review of Children's ITV in 1994, especially the early autumn when Knightmare Series 8 was broadcast.

Gallery 1994

A cropped 1994 character shot of Honesty Bartram (Bill Cashmore).

Promotional images and cast photocards from the eighth and final series of Knightmare in 1994.

Series 8 Quest 1

Fireball Alley, a puzzle in Series 8 (1994).

Team 1: Richard, Angela, Rebecca and Rowena from Bracknell.

Series 8 Quest 2

Dungeoneer walks down stairs into Level 3 in Series 8 of Knightmare (1994).

Team 2: Daniel, Benjamin, Gideon and Justin from London

Series 8 Quest 3

Series 8 Quest 3 - Play Your Cards Right Challenge (1994)

Team 3: Nathan, Karen, Steven and Catherine from Southampton.

Series 8 Quest 4

A troll in pursuit. From Series 8, Team 4 of Knightmare (1994)

Team 4: Michael, Ben, Haydn and Ben from Bristol.

Series 8 Quest 5

A team is pursued by miremen in the sewers. Team 5 from Series 8 of Knightmare (1994).

Team 5: Rebecca, Julie, Natalie and Emma from Dorchester / Weymouth

Series 8 Quest 6

Meeting Stiletta on the Golden Galleon. Team 6 from Series 8 of Knightmare (1994).

Team 6: Dunstan, Alan, Oliver and Alex from St Albans

Series 8 Quest 7

Series 8 Quest 7 - Corridor of Blades short cut - header

Team 7: Oliver, David, Matthew and Anthony from Leicester / Melton Mowbray

Series 8: Characters

Knightmare Series 8 Opposition cast. Lord Fear throws a fireball as part of the opening sequence.

The Series 8 characters included a new warrior thief, a sorceress with eyes on Lord Fear's estate, and a new red dragon.

Series 8: Dungeon

Series 8 opening sequence from episode 1

Series 8 returned to a richly-textured computer-generated dungeon with an expansive Level 3 formed of two towers, Linghorm and Marblehead.

Series 8: End of Series

Smirkenorff responds during the season finale for Knightmare Series 8 (1994).

The final team to appear on Knightmare were rescued by Smirkenorff the Dragon as Lord Fear refused to surrender.

Series 8: Overview

Majida and Treguard looking into pool, Series 8 Episode 1

What's new in Series 8 of Knightmare? A summary of the main differences.

Series 8: Teams

Knightmare Series 8. Treguard holds an hourglass as he debates whether to begin a final quest.

Series 8 featured 7 teams across 10 episodes, with one winning quest.

Series 8: Winners

The Crown in the quest chamber in Marblehead during Knightmare Series 8 (1994).

There was one winning team in Series 8 of Knightmare. Team 6 retrieved the Crown in the final episode.