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Level 2

Folly is sat beneath the wellway. Christopher sends him tumbling!

They listen carefully to a long riddle, and earn a WEB spell.

Folly: "You've got to be cautious to use magic, but not too cautious."

The Mills of Doom, followed by the Vale of Worms.

Christopher meets Cedric in the Axe Room. The team has no password to give him, so they hold him with the WEB spell.

Level 2 clue room. A vision of Mogdred appears.

Mogdred: "This is only my image. Continue on this path, and you will meet me in person! That will be interesting now, won't it?"

They examine a talisman in the clue room, but it turns out to be a destructor. So, they take the remaining items - a spade and a key.

Into the Minecart Room, where Bumptious the dwarf is setting charges. He demands that Chris hand over the spade as it's against the rules of the guild.

Christopher uses the plunger to blow a hole in the mine, which reveals an exit.

A room with four doors, all of which are blocked except for one which can be opened with a key.

Mogdred's laughter is heard. He begins his chase of Christopher, which continues onto the cliff edge.

Mogdred: Hello my brave puppet. And hello to you, my brave puppeteers. Would you like to see how Mogdred pulls the strings?

Into the wellway room, where a piece of the Chalice lies on the other side to the wellway.

Mogdred's hand moves in to grab Christopher but they manage to escape in time.

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