Treguard holding helmet of justice

The Quest 2.2: Hugo Myatt Interview

By Keith McDonald

Hugo's There? An exclusive Interview with the Dungeon Master himself, Hugo 'Treguard' Myatt

1. Do you enjoy the role of Treguard?

Yes. More so now than ever.

Why do you think that is?

Because it's so exciting, no-one knows what is going to happen next.

2. You have played the character for 6 years now, do you think that Hugo Myatt is becoming Treguard or vice versa?

Well I don't think that I am becoming more like Treguard, not at home anyway. I don't use a Treguard voice when I'm talking to the dog or he would just growl at me. Anyway I would probably frighten everyone to death.

Is Treguard becoming more like me? Slightly, he shows his sense of humour more nowadays and like me he doesn't always know the answer to everything

3. How do you see Treguard growing old in the series, will he use magic to give him eternal youth?

Well, it's a funny thing, Treguard actually looks younger in Series 6 than he did in Series 1 and 2. I put this down to experimenting with Hordriss's spells. The trouble is that they are not terribly reliable, I've tried all sorts of magic to stop my beard going grey but to no avail. I suppose I shall end up with totally white hair and beard and then Hordriss would be jealous!

4. Do you ever feel like entering the game yourself? Is it hard to remain an observer whilst mere mortals battle on your behalf?

Yes frequently, particularly when something is very obvious to me but seems to elude the team or when I know something that they don't. The occasion that most tempts me is when the team is faced with a desperate floor puzzle, then we all want to join in.

5. Do you like your costume? Would you wear it in the street?

Yes, I do like my costume, (and no, it doesn't really have 'Harley Davidson' written in studs on the back!) Actually I have often worn it in the street when doing public appearances as Treguard, I even wore it when riding a quadricycle (a four wheeled bicycle for two people). The only problem is that people tend to tread on the back of my cloak which stops me in my tracks rather sharpish.

6. Do people recognise you in the street?

Yes people do recognise me in the street, and the shops and things. Sometimes they ask for autographs and sometimes they just say hello.

The other day I was walking the dog in the countryside, miles away from anywhere, when a solitary hiker approached me with a map to ask the way. Just as I started to give him instructions he suddenly said, "You're him, aren't you?" There's no real answer to that.

7. What other roles have you played this year?

Well, I've played Frank in Educating Rita, a laid back police inspector in a psychological thriller and a man in a hotel who shouldn't have been there! He spent a lot of time climbing in and out of windows to avoid being caught.

I directed an Agatha Christie play and did a couple of shows based on the Knightmare book [The Forbidden Gate] with David "Pickle" Learner.

Of course I have just played Igor, the giant's wicked henchman in Jack and the Beanstalk in Swindon where I had the pleasure of meeting David Warner, the winner of The Quest Quiz. The last part I played, though for only one day, was Alonzo in The Tempest which was organised by Mark "Lord Fear" Knight.

8. In the first issue of TQ we saw a photo of you on a Vincent motorbike. Are motorbikes a passion of yours?

Yes they are, well British ones anyway. I have two, both over forty years old one of which I have owned for 25 years. Both of them are taxed and insured and I ride them on the roads quite regularly. (Yes adventurers, I do get my hands dirty and do all the mechanicking myself!)

9. What other hobbies do you have?

I have rather too many hobbies. Apart from an old sports car, I paint in oils and am a dab hand at woodcarving and sculpture. (we still didn't quite trust him enough to make the eye-shield, see page 7 - Ed.) I also have an old wooden sailing cruiser on the Norfolk Broads called "Mother Goose" (you can tell I've been in a lot of Pantomimes). I'm not terribly good at sailing but I like to get out in her when the weather and commitments allow.

10. When we interviewed Tommy Boyd we asked him who he would have in his team for Knightmare, who would you choose?

This is very difficult but if I could choose just anybody I would make Anne Boleyn the Dungeoneer because you could rest the helmet on her shoulders but her head would be under her arm so she would be able to see where she was going! I would have Arthur Daley (George Cole) as an advisor so that he could sort out all the deals and bribery. What about Gordon Brittas (Chris Barrie) from The Brittas Empire as things always seem to go right for him in the end how ever much chaos it causes, at least it wouldn't be dull! Maybe Sharon from Birds of a Feather (Pauline Quirk), she always has great ideas and she is very inventive. Well that lot would be fun but I'm not sure how long they would last so maybe I would rope people like Einstein, Karpov and Isaac Newton in instead.

11. Over the years who have been your favourite friends in the Dungeon?

Without doubt my favourite character is Festus the dog, but they have all been great, man, woman and monster, and who knows what is in store next?

12. How would you change the game if you could?

I wouldn't change it at all, not in concept, but I am all for development. The possibilities are endless. Just look at the way it has developed over six years, it is incredible. It was great when it started but not only has it kept up with the times, it's way ahead. I think we can safely leave it to Tim Child and the programme makers to push the boundaries of the Dungeon into realms we can't even imagine.

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