CITV 1991 - Tommy Boyd

The Quest 2.1: Tommy Boyd Interview

By Keith McDonald

Tommy Boyd took time off from presenting Children's ITV to talk to TQ about his favourite adventure series.

Children's ITV 1991. Tommy Boyd covers during a technical fault at the start of a Knightmare episode.

Who is your favourite character in Knightmare?

TB Ooh that's a difficult one really, - but I would have to say Treguard. I think he's the best game show host on television actually, because he puts the contestants so much at ease - I think Bruce Forsyth could certainly learn a thing or two from him anyway!!

Who do you find most frightening?

TB Well actually although most people would probably say Lord Fear, and I admit he is pretty frightening, but at the moment the thing which really sends a shiver down my spine is the life force. The sound effects as the armour falls off to reveal the skeleton are really creepy!!

Is it true that the studio crew at CITV all watch the show?

TB Oh yeah! We're all really big fans, especially one of our technicians, Frank - he's a Knightmare nut. We all watch it together, and occasionally jump at the special effects and the nasty Lord Fear. I think I must have one of the best jobs when you think about it - get to sit and watch all my favourite programmes on Children's ITV, and I get paid for it!!

Lucky old you! If you were to appear on Knightmare, would you be the Dungeoneer, or an adviser?

TB ...(after a long pause)... Well... I suppose I would be the dungeoneer, because I am adventurer at heart and would want to be face to face with all the action.

Who would you have in your team?

TB Oh, that's easy - firstly Michaela Strachan, because she's very level headed in those kind of situations, and also because she's a huge fan of Knightmare just like me! Secondly I would have Gary Lineker simply because he's a winner, and finally I would have Indiana Jones because he is my hero - and with him on our side against Lord Fear we couldn't possibly fail!!!

We have had a lot of mail about our new titles and theme tune, what do you think to them?

TB I think they're great of course!! I think the titles are so exciting - the bit where the boy falls and the hand catches him - brilliant, and the snapdragon which comes out of the wall - superb. Full marks to everyone concerned! But it will always be the case that when you have something as popular as Knightmare some fans don't like to see too much change, but I think Knightmare will just continue to get even better. I wouldn't be at all surprised if in 10 years time it wasn't as big a cult as say Star Trek or Doctor Who, there could be Knightmare conventions where you dressed as your favourite character from all the series!!

Roll on 2002 then! Well looking not quite so far ahead, hopefully another series will be made next year. If so, what sort of characters would you like to see in Knightmare?

TB I actually think that the baddies are bad enough for the moment, although I don't think that Lord Fear would agree with me there! I always like to see the teams win, so I would like to see more winners, and more special effects. Above all though, I think Sidriss is fantastic, and would like to see more of her.

What's the best thing about Knightmare?

TB Definitely the special effects, and the brilliant computer graphics - they just get better and better, and make the programme a cut above anything else. I also really like the way the characters interact with the dungeoneers, because I know a lot of it isn't scripted. The actors have to be really good at improvisation, and that's something I have always admired.

So you've always had a bit of thespian blood yourself have you?

TB Oh yes - I love all the dressing up and the drama, in fact I'm in Panto over Christmas, as Buttons in Cinderella. I'm really looking forward to it, it's at the Theatre Royal in Brighton, which is extra special because it's my home town so I can't wait.

So that's it CITV fans - Tommy Boyd baring his soul and letting us in on all his Knightmare knowledge! Don't forget to catch Tommy at the Theatre Royal in Brighton for the fabulous pantomime Cinderella, and check out page 6 for details of where Treguard will be appearing over the festive season!

Halsall's fall

Which of you clever people spotted the cast in episodes 7 & 8 then? No, not the cast, the cast - on Sarah Halsall's leg! Poor Sarah had rather a rough time of it whilst waiting for her to journey through the Dungeon, and ended up on crutches for 6 weeks!

Whilst waiting for their quest to start, Sarah fell off her chair at the cinema. She went to hospital and told that she had torn an inside ligament. So, did all this prevent Sarah from returning to finish her quest?

Knightmare Series 6 Team 4. The advisors: Sarah, Sarah and Sian.
Sarah Halsall (left), with Sarah and Sian

"No way!" she laughs. "We all returned to the studios on Monday, only this time I was on crutches! You should have seen all the looks I got. I took the huge splint off for the cameras, and just left the bandage on. The funniest thing was that I was going to be the dungeoneer until it happened, but January had to do at the last minute because I couldn't really walk!"

Poor Sarah - but what a story to tell everyone back at school! We think you're a real trooper, Sarah, and if there was a prize for the bravest adventurer, you'd definitely get it!

Treguard in the charts?

Pickle & Treguard have been locked in the Dungeon Studios recording what we hope will be a Christmas Number One. Soon to be available in the shops is their first record "Knightmare - The Quest". If you listen carefully, you might find the answer!

A cartoon by Arlo Worts for The Quest, the Official Newsletter of the Knightmare Adventurers' Club. Volume 2, Issue 1.

'The Quest' is published by Broadsword Television. Broadsword are the producers of 'Knightmare' for Anglia Television and Children's ITV.

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