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Team 9: Jamie, Joseph, Paul and Saranjit from Leeds.

The ninth quest of Series 2 was for the Crown and lasted 22 minutes.

Level 1

From the Wheel of Fortune, Jamie encounters Folly sat on the ridge.

They answer a riddle, and get a clue about the name of the game: 'Black Jack'.

Folly: "Black Jack, they called him, which is, of course, the name of the game. A game which, in your case, is well worth playing."

A long bomb room. Jamie manages to collect food on his way out.

The Card Game emerges, so they follow Folly's hint and unlock the Jack.

Treguard: "It seems as though someone has dealt you a hand, team, though goodness knows what game you're playing…"

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Igneous (Score 3). With the bonus, Jamie discovers he is to take a bag of small change and a jar of humbugs. He leaves behind a gauntlet.

Into the beam room, which they hurry through without incident.

The Troll is ready to eat Jamie. They distract it by opening the humbugs, which attracts a swarm of insects.

The Corridor of the Catacombs is breaking up. They hurry left, following the Crown symbol.

Mildread is asleep, though she starts peeking at Jamie when he takes some food from her table. She offers a riddle to assist.

Mildread: "You have the means. You have the method. So you don't need Mildread to do any magic for you."

Jamie throws the bag of small change into the cauldron and it converts into a wellway.

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