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Level 3

The sinister entrance to Level 3. They hurry to gather a sprite of energy as cavernwights approach.

A room with a Gargoyle but no exit. Mark must convince it that it isn't ugly. A door is revealed when the Gargoyle changes from blue to red.

Gargoyle: "You've done me a power of good, so I'll do something for you. I'm going to give you a spell. It's called SUN. It's not a very exciting spell, I suppose, but it's all I’ve got..."

The team hurry Mark away as the Gargoyle changes back to blue.

Into the stone chamber, where Mark collects the third element of his quest, the letter 'E'. Merlin appears. He offers a SLEEP spell and further advice.

Treguard: "Well done, but there's many a slip betwixt cup and lip. Just remember that."

The team carefully navigate Mark around sleeping cavernwights to steal a sprite of energy.

Into a room identical to the beginning of the level. Mogdred appears, and tries to bully Mark into submission.

Mogdred: "Agree to serve me and you will be a hero. Spurn me, and you must meet the invincible terror that waits ahead…"

After 40 seconds of deliberating, the team decline his offer.

Mogdred: "I could of course crush you. But why bother? I enjoy observing fear. I'll enjoy observing yours!"

Into a room with a large shaded window and four pathways leading towards the screen.

Treguard: "A fine stained glass window, but wasted here in the dungeon depths where daylight cannot reach."

The team spell-cast SUN. A beam shines through the artwork, revealing which path to take.

Some real difficulties with direction as Mark faces the camera. He steps off the path once, but is allowed to continue.

Into a dark room, which begins to light up in phases. As they cautiously proceed, steam begins emerging from the causeway. Mark is stood on a dragon's mouth!

Dragon: "Every hero should meet a dragon… I am the first dragon you will ever meet. And the last."

The vain dragon allows a moment to admire him, so they spell-cast SLEEP which saves Mark from a terrible fate.

The first ever glimpse of the final quest room, where the last letter awaits them.

Continued on the Winners page.

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