Series 1 Quest 3 receive help from Casper the Key at the Moving Keyhole

Series 1 Quest 3

By Keith McDonald

Team 3: Simon, Simon, Jonathan and Steven from Yorkshire.

The third team of Series 1 lasted for 34 minutes.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon, the dungeoneer.

Level 1

The first room was the familiar introductory floor puzzle. One door is locked.

Simon must collect the pieces of a key in sequence to unlock it.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon collects the pieces of a key to unlock the door.

He arrives at a ledge by a giant's lair.

Treguard: "I know people think that giants don’t exist, but unfortunately they do, and vastly inconvenient things they are to boot."

The giant is about to sneeze, so Simon makes a quick escape.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon faces the giant in his lair.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by the wall monster, Olgarth,

Olgarth: "I, Olgarth, am older than mountains and thus hold the history of all knowledge."

The team score three and earn a bonus. They take a talisman and a silk scarf, leaving behind a key.

The next room is a bomb chamber, which the team negotiates well.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon has a gift for Lillith.

The sorceress, Lilith, is delighted to see Simon. She sets him a task – to neutralize a Catacombite.

Lillith: "This creature - if 'creature' you can call it - belongs to the lower levels, but some spiteful sorceror has brought it up here especially to annoy me."

She gives Simon two spells: FREEZER and FLARE.

Using Magic

This was the first time that a team had been given a spell. Lillith allows Treguard to instruct the team on how to use it.

One of you here amongst the advisers must take the role of spell-caster. To invoke the magic, the chosen one must call out in a loud clear voice 'Spellcasting', followed by the letters of the spell in the right order.


Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon encounters the Catacombite.

The Catacombite is in the next room. The team casts FREEZER - the first spell ever used by a dungeoneer.

They direct Simon underneath it towards the back left door (as advised by Lillith).

In the Corridor of the Catacombs, the symbol from the clue room matches the right-hand door. They follow that route.

In a very dark room, the team spell-casts FLARE which unveils a well. Simon is guided down as the light goes out.

Level 2

Team 3 becomes the first team ever to reach Level 2.

The number of levels to this dungeon isn't precisely known, even by me. But escape and eventual success lies in the lowest.


Simon encounters a guard - a monk called Cedric.

Treguard: "You must not take any food until you've defeated him."

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon meets Cedric the Mad Monk at the start of Level 2.

The team score only one. Cedric takes the food away. Life force is now on condition red.

Fortunately, they find food in the next room, which is the Level 2 clue room.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon reaches the Level 2 clue room.

The team discovers a talking key named Casper. Merlin has given it a voice, since he lost it so often.

Casper promises to be useful, so Simon takes it and a jar of pills.

The following room has five doors and a lock that appears in a random sequence. Casper recognises the puzzle.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon attempts the Moving Keyhole.

Casper: "This is the old moving keyhole trick. I can do this, I can do this! Just hold me up!"

Simon reaches a chamber that resembles a library. He forms an 'M' from blocks on the floor, which summons Merlin.

The magician has a headache and cannot remember his name. The jar Simon is carrying is Merlin's headache pills.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon rebuilds small boxes to summon Merlin.

Merlin: "The deep spells, I recall, but the elementary magic I have forgotten. Jog my memory three times, and a little magic is yours."

They score two, and earn two spells: ANVIL and LANTERN. Merlin warns them of his alter-ego.

Merlin: "Somewhere ahead of you lies Mogdred, my alter-ego. He is the dark side of my nature and of my magic and must be overcome."

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon at the Corridor of Spears.

Simon arrives at the Corridor of Spears.

Treguard: "There should be a safe zone between the spear paths. But don't leave it too long."

The team guides Simon through successfully.

The next room is dark. The team spell-casts LANTERN, which reveals the wellway to Level 3.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. A lantern sparks to light the wellway room.

Unfortunately, it also wakes up the guard.

Gibbet: "Who turned that light on? Who disturbs the sleep of Gibbet? Well, whoever ye are, you're going to pay for it now!


With Gibbet poised to attack, Jonathan begins to cast ANVIL. But the other advisors prompt him to dispel instead!

"Dispel: ANLTERN."

Knightmare Series 1 Team 3. Simon's quest ends at the hands of Gibbet.


Treguard: "The situation called for defensive or offensive action. You did neither. And turning the lantern off did not save Simon from the guard."

You did very well, but I'm afraid you came an awful cropper.


See a certificate

Thank you to dungeoneer Simon Nicholls for sending us a picture of his certificate. The design would change from Series 2 onwards.

Certificate from Simon Nicholls, Series 1 Team 3 dungeoneer

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