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Level 2

They emerge straight into the Catacombite chamber!

Treguard: "Dire warning, dungeoneer. A catacombite is guarding this chamber. Life force energy is critical. You must find food quickly, but avoid all contact with this creature."

With life force energy critical, they hurry to reach the pie underneath the monster. They manage to reach it and escape without conceding further damage.

In the next room was Cedric the monk. He intervenes as they reach for food.

Cedric: "LEAVE THAT GRUB ALONE! Face me before you go thieving good honest food."

Richard challenges Cedric, but Folly suddenly interrupts, to Cedric's annoyance.

Cedric: "Scuttle off you strolling joke. Serious business is going on here. In any case, you ain't no palladin."

Folly: "How dare you!? Folly is distraught, Folly is insulted, and therefore Folly demands satisfaction."

Cedric tells Folly that he has already been challenged by the dungeoneer, so he will have to wait his turn. Folly begs to differ:

Folly: "Au contraire, my dear mindless monk. With your appalling rudeness, you have challenged me, and therefore the priory of combat is mine!"

As Cedric set the challenge (however inadvertently), Folly claims the choice of 'weapons' and opts for a challenge of insults.

Cedric clearly thinks he has his opponent easily beaten, and takes the upper hand. After a weak beginning, Folly grows in confidence. His rhyme and wit eventually leaves Cedric pleading for mercy on the floor.

As the winner, Folly instructs Cedric to follow the command of dungeoneer Richard as though he were the victor. Cedric lets them take the food and gives them the password.

This was certainly the longest scene in Series 1 (and a rather unusual one), lasting over 6 minutes!

(Into the last episode). The team continue into the Corridor of Spears. They almost die on the first spear as the dungeoneer is slow to react to his advisors.

Richard arrives at the Level 2 clue room where he picks up Casper the Key. The following room is a choice between a Fire Exit and a locked door. The team make use of Casper.

Next, into Merlin's chamber. Casper tells Richard that the round 'M' symbol is a listening key. Using voice commands, they manage to guide it to the chair, which summons Merlin.

The team answer two riddles correctly and gain a SHIELD spell.

The team find Gibbet at the Level 2 wellway, a Scottish guard making his second and final appearance.

Gibbet: "Halt intruder! The password now, or you perish."

Richard gives him the password they earned from Cedric. They are allowed to descend through the misty wellway, becoming the first team ever to reach Level 3.

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