The following features in an article from Broadcast, the weekly newspaper for the television and radio industry.

Time For Televirtual

Virtual character specialist Televirtual has unveiled details of its first co-production - TimeGate - which it has developed with Fremantle Thames Media, writes Barbara Marshall.

Devised by Televirtual founder Tim Child - creator of the Knightmare fantasy adventure game show for CITV - TimeGate is both a TV adventure game show and a multi-player online gaming system.

The show is set in a fantasy world called Underland and features virtual characters such as wizards, warlocks and elves, all of which are 'driven' by a cast of real actors in real time. The technology took Televirtual six years to develop and has benefited from the EU-funded Charismatic project which allows the exploration of history via complex hi-fidelity simulation-based experiences.


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