Lord Fear. Played by Mark Knight.

Lord Fear

By Keith McDonald

Lord Fear was the leader of the Opposition from Series 5 onwards. A powerful sorcerer who influenced proceedings and controlled minions from his headquarters.

Lord Fear was introduced in Series 5 as the new leader of the Opposition, replacing Mogdred and other occasional opponents.

He was a powerful sorcerer who influenced the gameplay from his headquarters, arranging traps and giving orders to his minions.

As the game continued, he became more influential in shaping and manipulating the dungeon. Greystagg calls him a threat to the entire dungeon dimension.

Lord Fear, the Leader of the Opposition, as played by Mark Knight in Series 6 of Knightmare (1992).
Lord Fear looks menacing through a spyglass

A world of spies

Lord Fear very rarely appeared in the dungeon. From Series 6, he appeared as a final encounter for the very few teams who got that far in the game.

But he was often seen through spyglasses, which could be found on every level.

The impertinence of it - something is spying on me!

Lord Fear (Series 5)

These set pieces revealed hints, passwords or combinations to his latest schemes and traps. They also revealed plot details, such as arguments with other characters.

When he detected someone spying, he had a range of countermeasures. He might try and freeze the watcher, reach into the playing arena and grab them, or set up an automatic response.

Fear could also communicate directly with the Powers that Be between quests.

Lord Fear, the Leader of the Opposition, played by Mark Knight. As seen in Series 5 of Knightmare (1991).
Lord Fear reacts to somebody spying

Mount Fear to Marblehead

Lord Fear begins in Mount Fear. He sits, surrounded by frightknights, communicating entirely through his globe.

His headquarters develop over time, creating more variety for spyglass sequences.

I do like looking down on everyone else. Comes naturally, you know?

Lord Fear (Series 8)

In Series 6, Mount Fear is a more defined mountain platform. Lord Fear uses a new Pool of Voracity and there is standing room for Skarkill to appear.

In Series 7, Fear moves into the Black Tower of Goth. A large platform accommodates a new accomplice, Lissard. The side wall is used by the shape-changing monster, the Brollachan.

In Series 8, Fear resides at the top of the Tower of Marblehead. He strides about a circular arena, communicating through a new screen in the windowpane.

Lord Fear, the Leader of the Opposition, as played by Mark Knight in Series 8 of Knightmare (1994).
Lord Fear in the Tower of Marblehead

Friends and enemies

Lord Fear is often seen giving orders to his henchmen, including Skarkill, Lissard, Raptor and Sylvester Hands. His other dealings involve other sorcerers, witches or two-faced tradesmen.

Lord Fear is always keen to assert his dominance. He has explosive clashes with Hordriss and Grimaldine and is loathed by Captain Nemanor and the witches.

Fear even falls out with Skarkill shortly before the character departs. Only Lissard is continuously loyal to him.

Monsters. They’re like children, really. You've got to be firm with them but decidedly unfair.

Lord Fear (Series 7)

Fear has an eye for most of the female characters, but Greystagg and Maldame create specific political problems for him.

He tries to negotiate an alliance with the witches. When this is rejected by Greystagg, he retaliates on the Powers that Be and finds a way to destroy Witch Haven.

The ruthless sorceress Maldame is a more unpredictable threat. After she invades his Tower of Linghorm, he dispatches a red dragon to destroy it.

Series 7 (1993). Lord Fear plots with Sylvester Hands over a fake Wand of Majesty.
Lord Fear schemes in Series 7

Series finales

Every season (except the last), Lord Fear hatches a scheme to trap a dungeoneer or end the game for good. Each one backfires, destroying his headquarters and injuring his pride.

In Series 5, he amplifies Aesandre's magic to freeze the entire dungeon. The dungeoneer escapes and Fear ends up with a frozen antechamber.

In Series 6, he sends a red dragon to attack Knightmare Castle. Treguard shoots it down with a lightning rod and it flattens Mount Fear.

In Series 7, he sends a troll to attack Knightmare Castle. Treguard strikes it with a troll hammer and it falls back down to Goth, pinning Fear and all his henchmen to the ground.

Lord Fear, the Leader of the Opposition, as played by Mark Knight at the end of Knightmare Series 6 (1992).
Fear's tirade after the foiled red dragon attack, Series 6

We'll be back, bigger, bolder, badder and better equipped. And as for your dungeoneers... GOBLIN FODDER!

Lord Fear (Series 6)

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