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The Quest 1.2: The Final Battle

By Keith McDonald

11-year-old Paul Hawkins from Kent sends in a bloodthirsty tale of derring-do at Knightmare Castle.

You'll remember that after the article by Michael "Brother Mace" Cule in TQ1 we challenged you to dust off your PC and send us the results of your candle-lit labour!

11-year-old Kent member Paul Hawkins (Memb No 241) was one of the first to pick up the gauntlet with this blood-thirsty little tale of derring-do at Knightmare Castle...

The Final Battle

Treguard waited patiently as the fire burnt down. He sighed and got up to put a log on the fire. Suddenly the elf Pickle rushed in.

"Master, master, some strangers are approaching the castle! What shall I do?"

"Go up to the tower and look to see who it is. Quickly. We have no time to waste."

With that the sprite raced up the spiral stairs to the tower. A few moments later he came rushing down. He looked as though he had seen a ghost. "Well, who is it then?"

"I don't think you want to know, sire." "Don't he stupid, Pickle. Who is it?"

"It's, er... it's Lord Fear! Skarkill is with him. He has a whole horde of goblins with him."

Skarkill the Goblin Master, as played by Rayner Bourton in Series 5 of Knightmare (1991).

Treguard had to think fast. What could he do?

"We need help, Pickle. Who would help us?"

"Maybe the people from the dungeon, sire."

Treguard thought, how could I summon them...Well, maybe the bell in the belfry, that would get their attention.

"Pickle, quickly - go up to the belfry and ring the bell. We haven't got much time!"

Treguard stood up and ran to the door. Then he stopped. The windows on his left had a balcony and from there he could see Lord Fear and his army. He opened the shutter. What a sight. An army of short, stout goblins! At the front of the army was a man in black armour riding on a black horse. He looked up at Treguard and shouted at him.

"Treguard, you know who I am! I'm Lord Fear. Aesandre - my now devoted wife - has used her magic to let me out of the dungeon. Now I can get my own back on you... For sending all those wimps - the so-called adventurers after me. The powers of Fear have won! No-one has beaten the power of Fear yet, and no-one..."

Inline image of Aesandre the Ice Queen (Juliet Henry-Massy) from Series 5 of Knightmare.

Suddenly there was the flat chime of a bell from the tower on the top of the castle. Treguard remembered Pickle. He closed the shutters. He tensely sat back in his throne. Pickle came back down from the belfry."Well done, Pickle!"

Just then Sir Hugh de Witless came through the portal from the dungeon.

"Hallo there, Treguard. I take it you need rescuing!" "Yes, I do. Look out of the window. They're coming to kill us!"

Sir Hugh de Witless looked out of the window and said, "Oh dear!"

Suddenly Brother Mace came through the portal.

"You rang the bell. What do you desire me for?"

"Look out the window I need your help to kill Lord Fear." At that moment Hordriss the Confuser came through the portal and said, "Yes, I'll help you." With Treguard's little army they went down to confront Lord Fear. As they reached the army Lord Fear shouted - "Attack"

Tune in to the next exciting issue of The Quest to see whether Treguard can triumph...

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Answer the following questions on a postcard (Closing date 1st March 1992):

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  2. Which game was adventure game of the year 1990?
  3. What does alacrity mean? (Bit of a hard one, that! - Ed.)

An advertising poster for the Mindscape Knightmare computer game for Amiga and Atari ST (1991).

'The Quest' is published by Broadsword Television. Broadsword are the producers of 'Knightmare' for Anglia Television and Children's ITV.

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