The chamber of quest choosing

The Quest 1.3: Introduction

By Keith McDonald

Introduction to the third issue of the Official Newsletter of the Knightmare Adventurers Club.

Full promotional shot of Treguard (Hugo Myatt), set against castle background.

The next Knightmare is going to be the most powerful adventure game ever produced on television.

Tim Child

"I settled by the blazing fire and looked out of the window. Across the deepest of dark forest I saw a glimmer of light shining from a tall forbidding castle. I clutched my cloak around me and gripped the sword that lay at my side. From across the forest a voice called me on to adventure and danger on a quest for the Powers that Be. Placing my helmet carefully on my head and taking up my eye shield and bag I set off for whatever lay beyond..."

A warm welcome, Adventurers All, to the third issue of The Quest! Our headline is taken from an interview with Knightmare's creator, Tim Child, which you can read exclusively on the centre pages, and the introduction to this article comes from just one of the thousands of letters we receive at Knightmare Castle asking for an application form to appear on the programme. Congratulations to the Knightmare Gang from Preston - Motley, Oleta, Syl, and Skull that Ticks Away - for a superbly crafted letter.

With so much to cram into this issue of TQ there's been little space for your contributions, but we do appreciate them, so please keep then coming. Perhaps you'd like to comment on Anglia TV's official reply to question 7 of the questionnaire - would you like to see again some of the old Knightmare series? Please let us know and we'll take it up with the powers that Be!

Enough of this, Thank you for your brilliant support over the last year! And good adventuring!

Wilf Wright, Editor

Smirk with Smirkenorff by Arlo Worts

A cartoon by Arlo Worts in The Quest, the official Knightmare fanzine. Volume 1, Issue 3.

Allo, Arlo! New Honorary Member Arlo Worts is the product, not of a crossword compiler's fevered imagination, but of the London Cartoon Centre. Turns out he's a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde - during the day he's a perfectly ordinary civil servant, working near London's Waterloo Bridge, and at night he becomes an RPG fanatic, usually as Dungeon Master! Treguard, beware!

At all times, though, he is a stunning cartoonist, capturing quite brilliantly the everyday routine of life at Knightmare Castle!

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