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Knightmare on TV Game Shows

By Alan Boyd

Knightmare regularly appears on popular quizzes and panel shows as a question or cultural reference.

2022: Paul Sinha's TV Showdown

Thank you to Forum member Canadanne for this news:

'There was a Knightmare question in the final round of Paul Sinha's TV Showdown on Saturday [12 March 2022]! ... I'm pleased to report that Jon Richardson got it right.'

The question was: "Which retro game show had the character Treguard the Dungeon Master?"

It's at 28.49 in Series 2 Episode 4.


2017: Knightmare on Tipping Point

Knightmare featured as a question on the episode from 19 October.

In the final round, Sam chose the category Children's Television and was asked this multiple-choice question:

In which classic TV show was a dungeoneer, wearing the helmet of justice, guided round a castle by Treguard?

A question about Knightmare on ITV's game show, Tipping Point.

Sam got the answer right, went on to win the jackpot and wins bonus points (from us at least) for mentioning that she and her schoolfriend Louise wanted to be contestants.

Sam is a police support officer from Essex. For some people, Essex is the obvious word to follow "The only way is..." We, Sam and Treguard know better.


2016: Knightmare on Pointless

Series 9 Episode 5 (15 May) of Pointless Celebrities had, as its first question, UK game shows and their hosts' initials. Top of this list was, as it should be, Knightmare.

Knightmare's Hugo Myatt appears as an answer in a round on BBC show Pointless.

While none of the contestants seemed to know who 'HM' was, Iain Lee conceded that he should have. He has, after all, praised Knightmare on TV and in podcasts.

Identifying HM would have scored him 2, meaning that out of 100 people surveyed, only 2 had been able to name Hugo Myatt. (Disappointing, isn't it?) Luckily, Iain was able to claim glory by identifying Turnabout's host as Rob Curling, giving his team a sought-after pointless answer.

More connections between Knightmare and Pointless.

While the BBC has never shown Knightmare, they have covered it in various programmes (Screenwipe, Children's TV on Trial and I Love My Country).


2016: Knightmare on Mock the Week

During the 14th July episode (Series 15, Episode 6) of the BBC Two panel show, a photo was shown of Andy Murray in an ice bath with his newly reclaimed Wimbledon trophy.

Andy had already been identified in the studio audience. This led to the following exchange between comedian Josh Widdicombe and Andy Murray:

The exchange occurs about 17 minutes in. Thank you to James for bringing us the news.

The cast of Mock the Week, Series 15, Episode 6 (including Andy Murray).

It's pleasing to hear that most of the audience clearly get the reference. And it's worth adding that Knightmare's first ever dungeoneer David Campbell, while not a winner himself, was a Scot too.

Less than a fortnight earlier on 5th July, Josh Widdicombe had appeared on Dave gameshow Taskmaster (Series 2 Episode 3) for a task that involved him wearing a blindfold and being guided by other celebrities while carrying a potato ( knapsack provided).

It's probably safe to assume that Knightmare crossed his mind, especially since he has previously been a Knightmare Live advisor and has referred to Knightmare on BBC Radio 4's Wordaholics (Series 3 Episode 2).


2013 Knightmare on I Love My Country

On Saturday 14th September, Episode 6 of patriotic BBC One game show I Love My Country had a music round in which the teams (and audience, a.k.a. the supporters) were asked to guess "a trio of classic British TV theme tunes" played by the I Love My Country House Band.

The first theme was from New Tricks (i.e. It's Alright); the third was from Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? (i.e. Whatever Happened to You); the second was none other than the Knightmare theme tune.

As we know, this was a theme tune that blasted like a pre-weekend fanfare into millions of 1980s and 1990s living rooms and still plays into thousands of eager homes today. So there's no debating that it is an unforgettable, unmistakable piece of music. Or is there?


Gabby Logan: Our band are going to play a trio of classic British TV theme tunes and teams, what I want you to do is buzz in when you think you know all three. Supporters, you can help with this one as well, beware though, if you get any wrong, the three points go to the other side. Take it away, Jamelia.

[Frank's team buzzes in]


Knightmare is mentioned by Gaby Logan as the answer to a question on the BBC's 'I Love My Country'.

Spencer Millman, Series Producer for I Love My Country, has revealed on Twitter that Knightmare was his 'favourite programme growing up', which certainly seems to explain how the Knightmare theme tune got in there. We are glad.

Thank you to Chris Ballard and Chris Hannah for the alert.


2006: Knightmare on ITV Play

On 7 July 2006, Knightmare was one of the answers on Quizmania for the category 'Kids TV shows'.

ITV Play. Knightmare appears as an answer in one of the call-in games.
Greg Scott unveils Knightmare as an answer

Each successful caller for this game won £300.

About ITV Play

ITV Play was launched in 2006 as a new 'participation TV channel' following the popularity of late-night quiz shows across the ITV network.

Quizmania was an existing show on Sky that was taken up by ITV as part of this strategy. By the end of May 2006, Quizmania aired on ITV Play during weekdays from 3pm-6pm and on ITV1 from midnight until the early hours.

Both the show and the channel were suspended in 2007 following an investigation into the phone-in segments of quiz shows. A short attempt at an online revival failed to gather any momentum.

For Knightmare to make an appearance on Friday late afternoon is fitting enough. But it's lamentable that one of ITV's pioneering and most creative gameshows should become a footnote to one of its worst.

Thanks to Keith Moss (Brollochan) for the info.


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