Interactive Knightmare RPG - Season 1, Session 5

Session 5 - 13.11.99


Treguard is the host

In a continuation of the previous weeks game, Jon and Nicholas were the dungeoneers (team game).

A new game also began shortly after, Fear aka Tim Child and a few monsters were the dungeoneers.


Treguard> Thank you for coming Fear

Treguard> and everyone else

Fear> Fear was always Tim Child - let's get on with it

Treguard> OK. Everyone ready?

Fear> Sure

Treguard> Well watchers, turn down the lights, close the curtains. Here we go!

Treguard> Ah hello there, come closer to the fire. The fire doesn't work as well these days, so come closer.

Treguard> Lets see who are team in progress are

Treguard> Last time,

Treguard> Michael and Forester were the dungeoneers, they went down a well to level 3

Treguard> pledged

Treguard> and crossed the causeway

Treguard> they then triumphed over evil and took the crown

Treguard> Our new team Nicholas and

Treguard> Jon

Treguard> They have got quite far into level 1

Treguard> but will they get into level 2?

Treguard> we will

Treguard> see

Treguard> game on!!!!


Treguard> "You reach the other side of the room. On the floor in front of you is a red stone, while to your right is an exit."

Treguard> you are carrying nothing

Jon> Nic: I guess we want the stone then

Nicholas> Jon: The clue we had last week from 'The Soul of Wisdom' said that we need a stone for the dragon, so I think we should take it

Fear> That red stone was always a nuisance

Nicholas> Pick up the stone

Treguard> "You pick up the fire stone"

Nicholas> Exit the room

Treguard> You enter a stone room. In the room is a bench with a man sitting on it. Further ahead of him is an exit. The man gets up and starts talking to you. "Either give me the password or answer three of my riddles! I don't think you'd be able to answer any looking at the size of your head!"

Treguard> Ha!

Nicholas> Jon: I dont think we have a password?

Treguard> Come on out with it!!!

Jon> Nic: neither do I. Looks like the riddles then

Treguard> Or I'll lob your head off!

Nicholas> We'll answer the riddles

Treguard> Hmmmm?

Treguard> Right then

Treguard> Here it is

Treguard> "Very well then. Now I will say the first part of a proverb, and you must attempt to finish it off. You must however answer two correctly to proceed. Two or more will get you through, but failing twice or even thrice You may take as long as you wish, but I should hurry up, you do look a bit peaky. Here is my first.

Treguard> Don't go near the water…

Jon> Nic: any ideas? I haven't...

Nicholas> Jon: None here either. I was never any good at these.

Treguard> One proverb, one answer, name it!

Nicholas> Pass

Treguard> [until you learn how to swim]

Treguard> Here is my second

Treguard> Dead men…

Treguard> Well?

Jon> Nic: erm...

Treguard> Dead men

Treguard> ...

Nicholas> Don't Lie

Treguard> Falsehood!

Treguard> tell no tales

Treguard> Necessity is…

Nicholas> Do you know Jon?

Jon> Nic: 'fraid not... we're doomed!

Treguard> Come on

Treguard> out with it

Treguard> you scallywags

Treguard> right that's it!

Treguard> I'm going to give you to the count of ten

Treguard> 10

Treguard> 9

Treguard> 8

Jon> Never mind... they were pretty nasty...

Treguard> Do you give up?

Jon> Nic: I do...

Nicholas> OK We don't have much choice

Treguard> "You are pathetic, and I hate all pathetic creatures. They don't deserve to wander these dungeons. I will do everyone a favour, and put and end to your quest. Spell Casting H-O-L-E." With that, a large hole opens in the ground underneath you. As you fall, you think of what your quest might have been like. Just before you see the object of your quest in your mind, you are impaled by a stalagmite."

Treguard> Ooooh Nasty

Treguard> Well team, you just didn't answer enough correctly. Never mind. Good try though

Treguard> Spell casting

Treguard> D I S M I S S

Treguard> [but please do stay!]

Fear> Yupp

Mystara> Cool :)

Alex> Those were REALLY nasty!

Treguard> oh aye

Treguard> I got them specially from a proverb website


New Quest

Treguard> There are still challengers which await to take the challenge of completing my dungeon, but who will step first? Let's find out. Enter Strangers. Who Challenges my dungeon?

Fear> Is it us now?

Treguard> You alone Fear?

Treguard> Or do you have a team?

Fear> I have a few tame monsters but they cannot spell

Treguard> I assume you have had some previous knowledge of dungeoneering?

Mystara> LOL

Fear> Not a lot

Treguard> Really? I would have thought somone like yourself would have had loads! :-)

Treguard> Now let me explain the rules of the dungeon to you. You have a knapsack with which you must put food into. You also have a life force. To feed your life force, you must place any food in this knapsack, but place only food there, for any other objects will also be consumed. When you put food into your knapsack, your life force will go to what is known as condition green. If you tread badly on the path you will lose one grade of lif

* Mystara ROFL

Treguard> Tread badly again and you will perish. Also, I Treguard will be your guide. I will describe objects and settings to you and even talk you through conversations with any people you may meet, friend or foe unfortunately. Any movement you want to make must be done through me.

Treguard> REMEMBER THAT I CAN DESCRIBE OBJECTS TO YOU IF YOU WISH, but I am not allowed to tell you what to do or pick up. In this realm lie four of the classic quest objects.

Treguard> Decide now which will be the object of your quest : The cup that heals which some call the chalice, the the sword of freedom, the crown in glory or the shield in justice.

Fear> Cup

Treguard> Ahhhh the cup heh?

Fear> Nobody says Ahh to me and lives

Treguard> Haaaaa!

Treguard> Okay, off you go. Are you sure that you want to proceed?

Fear> sure

Treguard> Very well, turn then, face the door and take a step forwards, the dungeon awaits.

Treguard> My dungeon that is.

Treguard> haaa haaaa haaa haaaaaaaaa

Treguard> You enter a cavernish looking room with some stalactites and stalagmites growing from the floor and ceiling. In front of you though is a table with some promising looking objects on it.

Fear> promises, promises

Fear> Yupp

Treguard> well?

Treguard> You're wasting life force

Treguard> Your life force is now down to condition yellow

Treguard> Hurry!

Fear> What's on the table?

Treguard> The objects are as follows: a pineapple, a scroll, a talisman, an egg timer, a bar of gold.

Treguard> Remember I can describe the objects

Fear> Read the scroll

Treguard> "The scroll says: You'll need plenty of good luck where you'll be going, but be careful. Don't count your chickens until they're hatched."

Fear> describe the talisman

Treguard> "The talisman has a diameter of 4cm, circular, and has a cross inside it."

Fear> Hokay, we'll take the talisman and the egg timer

Treguard> OK you pick up those objects

Treguard> You better had find food fast

Fear> Normally I'd eat the pineappale

Treguard> Could be a life saver in times of trouble!

Fear> Ok I've eat it. Don't nag

Treguard> You put the food in your knapsack

Treguard> Suddenly a goblin comes behind you

Treguard> Quick!!!

Fear> Out of here

Treguard> You exit the room and enter another room with a woman in it. The woman is standing totally still.

Treguard> The woman doesn't respond. It's as if she's frozen. What can you do to help her?

Treguard> The woman doesn't respond

Treguard> She can't

Fear> I think we'd better wave this old talisman across her

Treguard> You wave the talisman over her. Nothing happens

Fear> Women are like that

Fear> We could set fire to her toes?

Treguard> Don't be nasty

Fear> Act of desparation actually

Treguard> What else could you do?

Fear> Not a lot without getting arrested

Treguard> Come on team, think

Fear> OK, we'll set off the egg timer

Fear> but there's not much logic in it

Treguard> You put the egg timer on the floor. After a few seconds, the grains of sand start to shift and then start moving. The woman jerks suddenly. "And there's no need to.. Oh you there…."

Treguard> What happened?

Treguard> I was talking to this man

Treguard> and suddenly, I cam over all funny

Treguard> Who are you?

Fear> So what about this woman then

Treguard> Hey!! I'm talking to you

Treguard> What is your name

Treguard> Come on then!

Fear> 14 minutes to dinner

Treguard> What is your name

Treguard> I am Birena

Treguard> What's yours

Treguard> Hmmm?

Fear> Fear

Treguard> Ahh. That's a strange name isn't it?

Fear> But you can call me milord

Treguard> Well. What exactly happened to me?

Treguard> I was talking to a man

Treguard> and I suddenly came over all cold

Treguard> Listen

Treguard> I see that you've helped me

Treguard> so

Treguard> Well what can I gift you with? Ah I know, in return for your kindness, I gift you with a spell. It's a pathetic little spell really, but I have found it to be quite useful. It's called REVEAL. Ok. Thanks again for your help! Oh, and by the way, take the path of UK primary colours on the causeway. If you don't, then I should imagine that you will, well, fall to where you will be eaten alive by red dragons! But, don't let me put you


Fear> Yupp

Treguard> You exit the room and proceed down a narrow corridor. The corridor itself is dank and dismal. Passing one small arched window, you exit through a portal. You enter a room with a causeway on. There are 5 rows of hexagons. The rows increase and decrease in size as they go along. You walk up to the first row.

Fear> OK

Treguard> Stage 1:

Treguard> Blue, Green

Fear> Blue

Treguard> Stage 2:

Treguard> Purple, Green, Yellow

Fear> Green

Fear> yupp

Treguard> You step on the hexagon, and it crumbles beneath your feet pulling you to YOUR doom.

Treguard> Never mind team, at least you made the dragons happy by filling their ever lasting empty stomach!

Treguard> Yellow was the correct one team

Treguard> I can't believe you failed so soon in your quest

Treguard> Never mind

Treguard> You did try

Fear> Thanks for having us folks

Treguard> OK

Fear> Must eat dinner now

Treguard> Thanks for coming

Fear> Yupp

Fear> Any questions before I sign off?

Forester> Can we copy tapes of Knightmare?

Fear> Don't see why not - I cannot stop you

Mystara> Will you join our assassination squad to CITV?

Fear> You cannot kill dead men

Mystara> hehehehe

Mystara> Will you be back soon?

Fear> Not this evening

Mystara> awww

Forester> Bye

Fear> Goodnight all

Mystara> bye

Treguard> Seya

*** Fear has left #Knightmare


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