Interactive Knightmare RPG - Season 1, Session 4

Session 4 - 06.11.99

Treguard is the host

In a continuation of the previous weeks game, Michael and Forester were the dungeoneers (team game). Congratulations to them both for being the first ever winners of the Knightmare Chat RPG.

A new game also began this session, Jon and Nicholas are the dungeoneers (team game)


Treguard> Welcome watchers. I, Treguard am your host. I will take you deep into the dungeon dimensions. Here's a look at what happened last time:

Treguard> Michael and Forester proceeded through level one where they solved nick nack paddy whack's clue, after which they crossed a deadly puzzle, nearly stopping them in their tracks.

Treguard> They then earned a fire stone by correctly answering a question which gave them flight to level 2. In level 2 they met Samuel, agreeing to the task of getting a potion for his sister, which they gladly did. They found Olivia and gave her the potion and so earned a spell. What will they do now? We will see, for the game is now upon us.

Treguard> "There's your spell. Now I must be going now, as I should go and meet up with my brother. Farewell."

Treguard> "The woman exits the room, leaving you. The room doesn't have any other exits, and is the last room of this level."

Forester> Spellcasting W-E-L-L

Treguard> "You use the spell, and after some flashing lights, a well appears."

Treguard> Well done team

Michael> go to well

Treguard> "You climb into the well and fall down leaving Level 2, and entering the bowels of Level 3".

Treguard> "You fall through cobwebs and decayed vegetation. Looking down, you see some light, but the light quickly fades away. Eventually you hit a grate on the floor. Looking up, you see the hole in the ceiling, which was the passage you travelled down. You appear to be in a dungeon, but the gate is unlocked. There is a man next to you. He helps you up and starts talking."

Treguard> "Oh, don't worry, we won't be in here for long, I was just waiting for the right moment to escape. I tell you what; how's about we trade. I'l

Treguard> I'll give you some information if you pledge to me.

Michael> Pledge what?

Treguard> To my allegiance. You will serve me and my brotherhood. Without us, you are defenseless

Forester> Michael: I think we have little choice

Michael> ok

Treguard> It's up to you team

Michael> we'll pledge

Treguard> "Splendid. Okay here is some information that will be useful to you in this dismal level.

Treguard> 'Right can be right when it is correct, but left can also be right. Be left and your way is right. Go right and your right is not so right. Go ahead, or on the other ahead and you'll lose your head in the way.'

Treguard> Have you got that? Also, on the great causeway, take the path of aggression. It is your only way of crossing. Go on then off with yur."

Treguard> "The man waits at the door and then quickly runs out."

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> "You enter a room with four exits. One on the left, two in front of you and one to the right. There is also a wall which is moving towards you. You have about thirty seconds until you'll be crushed by the wall."

Treguard> 30

Treguard> 29

Treguard> 28

Treguard> 27

Michael> left or right?

Treguard> 26

Treguard> 25

Forester> left

Treguard> 24

Treguard> 23

Treguard> 22

Michael> left

Treguard> "You go through the left door. You progress through a long narrow hallway and enter a stone room shaped like a circle. In the middle of the room, is a table with some objects on it."

Michael> go to table

Treguard> There are some objects on the table:

Treguard> Bread Roll, Scroll, Potion with the label 'Up', Potion with the label 'Down', Spell Scroll with the label 'Freeze', Potion with the label 'Hot'

Michael> take roll

Michael> read scroll

Treguard> You take the roll

Treguard> 'Stand Still Thief! Lower is much more preferable than higher.'

Michael> take 'down' potion

Treguard> OK

Treguard> you pick it up

Treguard> Suddenly you see an Automatum behind you

Forester> Is the spell scroll classed as an item?

Treguard> you have about fifteen seconds

Treguard> You can look at the spell scroll

Forester> Look at it

Forester> Michael: How about Hot bottle

Michael> yes

Treguard> The spell is called Freeze

Treguard> you have 10 seconds

Forester> Take Hot bottle

Treguard> OK

Forester> take exit

Treguard> "You emerge in a room with no exits. At the other end of the room, you can see a patch on the floor which has been filled up with sand. Perhaps there was once something there. Around the room are objects such as guillotines and nooses. It appears that you have entered some kind of stock room."

Treguard> 1 minute

Michael> go to sand patch

Treguard> You walk over to the sand patch

Treguard> It holds your weight

Treguard> 30 seconds

Forester> Michael: Down potion?

Treguard> Life force is degrading team

Michael> yeah

Treguard> whatever you're going to do, do it fast

Forester> Drink down potion

Treguard> "You use the down potion. After a short while, you see the sand that once filled in a hole, fly up and disappear. A set of stairs have been made available for you."

Michael> go down stairs

Treguard> "You walk down the stairs, and into the lower sections of level 3. Who knows what you'll meet there.

Treguard> You emerge on a small block of stone. In front of you are various rows of squares and circles. Looking further ahead, you see that the puzzle extends quite far. It appears that you have reached the Great Causeway. You walk up to the first row of squares.

Treguard> You must use your knowledge to get across to the other end of the room."

Treguard> You step on the first square and some more squares appear in front of you.

Treguard> The square that you are on says:

Treguard> VI + I

Treguard> You have 2 options:

Treguard> VII IV

Michael> VII

Treguard> A fright knight appears above

Treguard> it counts the seconds that are left

Treguard> Hurry team!

Forester> We said VII

Treguard> Correct

Treguard> You are now on a VII

Treguard> Another block appears next to you saying:

Treguard> - V

Treguard> You have 3 options:

Treguard> I X II

Michael> II

Treguard> You are now on a II

Treguard> Another block appears next to you saying:

Treguard> + X - I

Treguard> You have 3 options:

Treguard> X XI IX

Michael> XI

Forester> XI

Treguard> You are now on a XI

Treguard> Another block appears next to you saying:

Treguard> + II - VII - III

Treguard> You have 2 options.

Treguard> IV III

Michael> III

Treguard> "You get to the other platform and are confronted with Hexagons all next to each other. They read from left to right as:

Treguard> S Q T E U

Treguard> You have 10 seconds

Treguard> 9

Treguard> 8

Treguard> 7

Treguard> 6

Treguard> 5

Treguard> 4

Forester> Michael: No idea

Michael> S

Treguard> You step on the S and nothing happens.

Treguard> 3

Treguard> 2.5

Forester> Q

Treguard> You step on the Q, it lights up

Michael> how did you know that?

Treguard> You are safe for now

Treguard> but time is dropping again

Treguard> 10

Treguard> 9

Treguard> 8

Michael> U

Forester> I guessed

Treguard> You step on the U, it lights up

Michael> E

Treguard> Because of the mistake before, your life force is at red

Michael> ok

Treguard> It lights up when you step on it

Michael> S

Treguard> It lights up

Michael> T

Treguard> It lights up "You step on the hexagons in the correct sequence, and are greeted with a final puzzle. It is composed of 5 rows of hexagons. You walk up to the first row and notice that the hexagons have pictures of different objects on."

Treguard> A shield

Treguard> A sword

Forester> Michael: So obvious stupid me

Treguard> which one?

Michael> sword

Treguard> A Crossbow

Treguard> A helmet

Treguard> A suit of armour

Michael> crossbow

Treguard> A shield

Treguard> A helmet

Treguard> A Knife

Treguard> A suit of armour

Michael> knife

Treguard> A crossbow

Treguard> A shield

Treguard> A helmet

Michael> crossbow

Treguard> A sword

Treguard> A helmet

Michael> sword

Treguard> "You make it to the other end of the room and see a scroll. You pick it up and read it, it says:

Treguard> "Backfire"

Treguard> "You then exit through the door."

Treguard> This is another spell

Treguard> It could prove useful

Treguard> "You emerge in a large room. On the left is he [OBJECT OF QUEST] and on the right is a man, who talks to you."

Treguard> "Stand there, little human. You have got this far, but you will proceed no further. I have killed many people in my time, and taken their belongings, so you'll make no difference either way. Die!"

Treguard> "You have only precious seconds left before he will kill you, what will you do?"

Treguard> Spell Casting!

Michael> F-R-E-E-Z-E

Treguard> "You use the freeze spell. The man suddenly looks blue and he shivers. After a short while, he turns into an ice cube and keels over. You pick up the Crown and win the game."

Treguard> "Well done, you have completed the dungeon. Not many people have done that I can tell you. This is an achievement that will live with you forever. Thank you for completing it and taking part."

Treguard> You have achieved what nobody else has in this dungeon

Treguard> Congratulations

Michael> thanks

Treguard> I bow to both of you

Treguard> [Fan Fare Sounds]

Treguard> Hmmmm, now where did I put those trophies?

Treguard> Well, anyway, your names will be listed on a scroll of honour

Treguard> they're the only names so far

Michael> great

Treguard> MERLIN!!! Trophy time

Treguard> [light]

Treguard> Ahhh. Treguard..... And Michael and Forester

Treguard> and the Crownnnnn?????!!!!!!*&*&

Treguard> Well here are your trophies

Treguard> I'll send you certificates by dragon mail

Treguard> OK?

Michael> yeah

Treguard> Well I've got to go back now and do some cooking

Treguard> No, no that's not right

Treguard> Spell Casting?

Treguard> Ah yes

Treguard> spell casting

Treguard> R-E-T-U-R-N

Treguard> Well team

Treguard> Now I Treguard will use some magic

Treguard> Well Done.

Treguard> Spell Casting

Treguard> H-E-R-O-E-S

Treguard> [Michael & Forester disappear]



New Quest

Treguard> Right watchers, the fire still burns, let's see who else is ready to take the challenge

Treguard> There are still challengers which await to take the challenge of completing my dungeon, but who will step first? Let's find out. Enter Strangers. Who Challenges my dungeon?

Jon> We do

Treguard> You and...?

Jon> Nicholas

Treguard> I assume you have had some previous experience of dungeoneering,?

Jon> A bit

Treguard> Really. You know, we don't get many people with experience through here. Where was it?

Jon> A small castle not too far from here... but it was a long time ago now

Treguard> Good, very Well Then

Treguard> Now let me explain the rules of the dungeon to you. You have a knapsack with which you must put food into. You also have a life force. To feed your life force, you must place any food in this knapsack, but place only food there, for any other objects will also be consumed.

Treguard> When you put food into your knapsack, your life force will go to what is known as condition green. If you tread badly on the path you will lose one grade of life force. Tread badly again and you will perish. Also, I Treguard will be your guide.

Treguard> I will describe objects and settings to you and even talk you through conversations with any people you may meet, friend or foe unfortunately. Any movement you want to make must be done through me.

Treguard> REMEMBER THAT I CAN DESCRIBE OBJECTS TO YOU IF YOU WISH, but I am not allowed to tell you what to do or pick up. In this realm lie four of the classic quest objects. Decide now which will be the object of your quest : The cup that heals which some call the chalice, the the sword of freedom, the crown in glory or the shield in justice.

Jon> The shield

Treguard> The shield? You must be brave. Okay, off you go. Are you sure that you want to proceed?

Jon> I'm ready

Treguard> Very well, turn then, face the door and take a step forwards, the dungeon awaits.

Treguard> "You enter a room. In front of you, you see a key, so you pick it up. Remember team, this key can only be used once so use it wisely! The room has stone walls and several windows on the opposite side. On your left is a woman in some stocks. On your far right is a small doorway."

Jon> Talk to woman

Treguard> "Oh please help me out. I've been locked in here for ever so long! You see, one minute I was at a market stall looking at some goods, and after I stole some, I ended up in these stocks!"

Nicholas> I think we should ask her what we will get in return for releasing her

Jon> Nic: Sounds good to me

Nicholas> OK

Jon> "If we release you what will you do for us?"

Treguard> "Well, you will just have to trust me. We gelflings don't work that way. You help me, and I'll help you. Is that Okay?"

Treguard> Remember team, the key can be only used once

Nicholas> I think we should.

Jon> Same here

Jon> Is the key that we have the one that fits the stocks or is there another one around somewhere?

Treguard> Are you asking the woman?

Jon> I was asking Treguard

Treguard> That key. Yes, that key will open any door to level 1. It also opens these stocks

Jon> Nic: Go ahead anyway?

Nicholas> Yep, go on

Jon> "Okay, we'll release you."

Treguard> You lift the stock lock up and it opens freeing the prisoned woman. She stands up and straightens.

Treguard> "Thank you. Thank you for freeing me. Now, since you have trusted me, I will aid you with a spell. It's a silly little one really, but I believe that it will prove useful to you in times of trouble, for in this age, the dungeon is a dangerous place. Not to be trusted you understand. The spell is called STONE, use it carefully and wisely. Right, off you go then."

Treguard> Is there anything else that you want?

Treguard> From me?

Jon> Not unless you have any more information for us

Treguard> Hmmm, well I do know that you hunt for the shield, yet you may not hold it. The path you travel along is a dangerous one. Take every aspect into account, and note down everything

Treguard> Be careful now

Treguard> Fair chance to you

Jon> Okay, thanks

Jon> Nic: Exit the room?

Nicholas> Yes, Go to doorway

Treguard> "You walk to the doorway, and exit through it. You enter a room with a low table in front of you, which appears to have some objects on it, and an exit on the right.

Jon> Look at objects

Treguard> There are: Scroll, a bunch of grapes, Shield, Potion, glove

Treguard> First, food, I think

Jon> Take grapes

Nicholas> Read scroll

Treguard> You take the grapes

Treguard> "The scroll says: Make haste, but use protection!

Jon> Is there a label on the potion?

Treguard> "The potion has the label 'Turbo' on it"

Jon> Nic: potion then... both shield and glove could be protection though

Jon> Nic: shield seems more obvious to take I suppose

Treguard> Think carefully team

Treguard> Even in Level 1 you need the most protection

Nicholas> Hmm, I don't know

Treguard> Well, you know what I mean

Nicholas> Yes

Jon> Nic: the woman did mention a shield, or was that our quest shield?

Treguard> Even though Level 1 is introductory, you must be careful

Treguard> Shall I describe the shield or glove?

Treguard> or both?

Treguard> ..

Nicholas> Describe the shield

Treguard> "The shield isn't that which is one of the four quest objects, but is a plain shield. Although it is plain, it looks quite durable

Jon> and the glove?

Nicholas> Describe the glove

Treguard> "The glove is made of leather, and will fit on a person's left hand

Nicholas> Any ideas?

Jon> Nic: he said most protection, so that might be shield

Nicholas> Yes, I think so

Jon> Nic: we agreed then? potion and shield?

Nicholas> Yes

Jon> Take potion and shield

Treguard> OK you pick those objects up

Treguard> The potion and the shield

Jon> Nic: we're finished here aren't we?

Nicholas> Exit the room

Treguard> "You exit the room, and enter another room. The room itself has two exits. One on the left and one on the right. Above you, a flame continuously comes down filling the whole room. You will not be able to dodge the flame as it is much too intense."

Nicholas> Perhaps use the shield?

Jon> My thoughts exactly

Treguard> >>>

Jon> Nic: Right hand path is it then? - no other clues I think

Nicholas> OK, go on

Jon> Move to the right exit, using shield to protect from the flames

Treguard> "You hold up the shield walk to the exit. Just as well you picked that shield up

Treguard> "You find yourself walking down a passage way. Since you have used the shield, you throw it away. Continuing down the passage, you hear footsteps behind you which increasingly get louder. Someone is coming behind you.

Jon> Nic: potion?

Nicholas> Drink the potion

Treguard> "You use the potion, and find yourself walking at about 70MPH. You carry on down the passage hearing the footsteps getting quieter, and you exit through a doorway."

Treguard> "You enter a room. The room has is made out of granite, and has weapons displayed over the exit. At the other side of the room is a guard who is coming towards you."

Treguard> "Give me the password, or the toll. With neither, you will perish. Come on then, give me either of the two."

Nicholas> I think we could use the spell

Treguard> ha ha

Treguard> come on then!

Jon> Looks like our only option

Treguard> right that's it!

Nicholas> Spellcasting STONE

Treguard> You activate the spell.

Treguard> "Hah! That's a stone spell, what were you.."

Treguard> The guard turns to stone, but not for long I expect. Hurry team, hurry!

Jon> Move to exit

Treguard> You enter another puzzle room. Ah in this room, you must know Sis Pat Brick in order to get across. You will be on a hexagon with a picture on it. After that, you must choose a hexagon which you could attack and not lose. I can help you no further. There are hexagons in the room set in rows which continue to increase and decrease in size. You walk up to the first row. You stand on a hexagon which has a picture of a piece of paper on i

Treguard> Rock Scissors

Nicholas> Scissors?

Treguard> Careful team

Nicholas> Jon?

Jon> Nic: dunno... scissors cut paper and paper wraps stone. I'd have said rock

Jon> Nic: that's my interpretation of the clue anyway

Nicholas> Oh, I see.

Nicholas> Take rock then

Jon> Okay

Jon> Move onto rock

Treguard> Paper Rock Scissors

Jon> Nic: rock blunts scissors I believe

Nicholas> Yes, thats what I think. Go for it

Jon> Move onto scissors

Treguard> Rock Scissors Paper


Jon> Paper

Treguard> Scissors Rock

Jon> Rock

Treguard> "You make it to the other side and exit. That was a very simple puzzle, but the next one might not be so easy!"

Treguard> You enter a room with nothing in it except for a figure floating above. There is an exit at the other end.

Treguard> This team, is a soul of wisdom. You may listen to it, but it might not have anything useful to say. You can listen to it by lifting off your helmet.

Nicholas> Go on.

Jon> Nic: You mean onwards?

Treguard> You lift off your helmet

Treguard> "Travel by a great worm to reach Level 2. Payment is necessary. Feed the dragon's fire with stone, but not stone the fire. Peril you will meet though, but peril meet you must if you are to proceed onto further peril."

Treguard> The soul stops talking

Jon> Okay... put helmet down then I guess

Nicholas> Exit the room

Treguard> You pull the helmet back down

Treguard> The head disappears

Treguard> exit with haste!

Treguard> OK you exit

Treguard> "You exit the room and enter another room.

Treguard> This is a puzzle room. This is how it works team. You are on a square which has a statement on. You must say whether the statement is true. You must get two statements true to make it to the other side though. On the other side you see a red fire stone.

Treguard> You walk up to the first square.

Treguard> The statement can be true or false remember!

Treguard> 1

Treguard> "Sagittarius is the only star sign beginning with the letter S

Treguard> of the zodiac

Treguard> True or false?

Nicholas> False

Treguard> Truth accepted

Treguard> 2

Treguard> "The dove signifies the symbol of piece"

Treguard> peace

Treguard> !

Nicholas> Jon: Not sure, but I would guess true

Jon> Nic: same here

Nicholas> True

Treguard> Truth accepted

Treguard> "Winter & summer are shorter seasons than Spring and Autumn

Nicholas> Not sure

Jon> Nic: false I would have though

Nicholas> OK

Nicholas> False

Treguard> Truth accepted

Treguard> Warning team! Time out approaching!

Treguard> [GONG!]

Treguard> Oh, Phase complete!

Treguard> Well watchers

Treguard> Will brave Jon and Nic tred the path any further?

Treguard> You'll have to come next week

Treguard> Don't be afraid

Treguard> it's not real!

Treguard> OR IS IT?????????

Treguard> [theme tune]


Treguard> Whoops! where did that big broadsword come from? Nearly took my head off

Treguard> Hmmm, well probably at a display

Treguard> or something

Treguard> watch out for that broadsword!!!


[Continue to Session 5]

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