Interactive Knightmare RPG - Season 1, Session 2

Session 2 - 23.10.99

Treguard is the host

Anton is the dungeoneer

Forester is the next dungeoneer after Anton


Treguard> Last time we left Anton, he was just on the first section of level 2. Will he prevail? We will find out. GAME ON

Treguard> Last time, you had just thrown the bottle of water on the leaver.

Treguard> You use the lever. After pulling it, a larger platform comes down filling the gap between the two outer platforms.

Anton> walk along the platform

Treguard> You cross the bridge and exit at the other platform. You emerge in a room. There is a man on the other side of the room. He spots you and comes towards you pointing his sword at you. He says: To pass any further, you must prove your intelligence to me. You must get three questions correct out of five. If you don't, you die. Begin.

Anton> yes

Treguard> Q.1 Which common 4 letter English word, when printed in capital letters, reads both the same both upside-down and the right way up?

Anton> NOON

Treguard> Correct

Treguard> Q.2 The man who makes it does not need it. The man who buys it does not use it for himself. The person who uses it does so without knowing. What is it?

Anton> PASS

Treguard> COFFIN

Treguard> Q.3 Two horses are standing end to end, one is facing east and the other is facing west. There are no mirrors but they can still see each other. How can this be so?

Anton> they are turning their heads


Treguard> Q.4 Rearrange the following letters to make just one word. W U N O J S E R D T O

Treguard> Do you know the answer Anton?

Anton> sorry, i'll have to pass

Treguard> A. JUST ONE WORD

Treguard> Q.5 A completely black horse jumps over a tower and lands on a small man who then disappears. What is happening?

Anton> it's a game of chess

Treguard> Correct

Treguard> You have failed miserably. Believe in whatever god you believe in because he is just about to receive you.

Treguard> Oooooh Nasty. Well you didn't answer enough of his questions. Not that you're not intelligent. Spell casting D I S M I S S

Treguard> >>>

Treguard> Sorry Anton. But thanks for taking part, anyway

Anton> ok

Anton> thanks

Treguard> Stay by the way, because we are not finished


New Quest

Treguard> Let us see, who is brave enough to path through the dungeon. Enter Strangers. Who Challenges my dungeon?

Forester> I do

Treguard> You have some small previous experience of dungeoneering I hope?

Forester> Yes

Treguard> Very Well Then

Treguard> Now let me explain the rules of the dungeon to you. You have a knapsack with which you must put food into. You also have a life force. To feed your life force, you must place any food in this knapsack, but place only food there, for any other objects will also be consumed.

Treguard> When you put food into your knapsack, your life force will go to what is known as condition green. If you tread badly on the path you will lose one grade of life force. Tread badly again and you will perish. Also, I Treguard will be your guide. I will describe objects and settings to you and even talk you through conversations with any people you may meet, friend or foe unfortunately.

Tregaurd1> Any movement you want to make must be done through me. REMEMBER THAT I CAN DESCRIBE OBJECTS TO YOU IF YOU WISH, but I am not allowed to tell you what to do or pick up.

Forester> ok

Tregaurd1> In this realm lie four of the classic quest objects. Decide now which will be the object of your quest : The cup that heals which some call the chalice, the the sword of freedom, the crown in glory or the shield in justice.

Forester> The cup please

Tregaurd1> Okay, off you go. Oh I'm sorry I didn't ask you if you had any last requests, but you're not going to turn back now are you?

Forester> Nope

Tregaurd1> (phew) Very well, turn then, face the door and take a step forwards

Tregaurd1> PLEASE WAIT

Tregaurd1> You emerge in a supply chamber. The room itself is made out of oak. There are various drapings on the walls each with their own symbols. Some symbols depict famous battles, others of special events and occasions. There is an ordinary table in front of you. The table is used for banquets mainly, but it seems that some people have left some objects on the table. There is an exit at the far side of the room.

Forester> Walk up to the table

Tregaurd1> There are some objects on the table. They include: Scroll Meat Horn Gold Silver Potion

Forester> Read the scroll

Tregaurd1> I can describe an object

Tregaurd1> The scroll says: Go covertly, making too much noise might be unwise, but don't miss the opportunity to shop around! There is also a news flash: EMERGENCY, WE NEED YOUR GEMSTONES TO FEED OUR DRAGONS. ANY FIRESTONE COLOUR CONSIDERED, HELPERS WILL BE REWARDED!

Forester> Describe the horn

Tregaurd1> The horn looks as ordinary as any other horn. It is 30cm though which is small for its size.

Forester> Are there any markings on the walls that represent an item?

Tregaurd1> No

Tregaurd1> Do you want any other descriptions?

Forester> Please

Tregaurd1> Its a bar of gold. Just like any other.

Tregaurd1> The potion has the label CLOAK on it

Tregaurd1> what did the scroll say?

Forester> Go covertly, making too much noise might be unwise, but don't miss the opportunity to shop around! There is also a news flash: EMERGENCY, WE NEED YOUR GEMSTONES TO FEED OUR DRAGONS. ANY FIRESTONE COLOUR CONSIDERED, HELPERS WILL BE REWARDED!

Tregaurd1> Hmmm. could be a hint :-)

Forester> I realise that

Forester> Can u describe the meat and silver as well

Tregaurd1> You pick up the meat for nourishment

Forester> Take the potion and the horn

Tregaurd1> Are you sure?

Forester> Yes

Tregaurd1> POSITIVE???

Forester> No Potion and gold

Tregaurd1> You pick up the items

Forester> Take the exit

Tregaurd1> You exit through the doorway. Coming out of the small wooden building, you make your way down a narrow set of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, you look in front of you. You see many houses all around you, and a market place further in front of you. Close by to you though is a man at a market stall who seems to be eyeing you up. He says: Roll up, Roll up, bargains galore me ladies and gentlemen. You Sir, you.

Forester> Walk up to the man and say hi what do you have on sale for a bar of gold

Tregaurd1> Well many things

Forester> What's on display at his table

Tregaurd1> clothes, spells, books, that sort of thing if you know what I mean.

Tregaurd1> Loads of stuff. In fact there's so much, I had to move house!

Forester> Is there anyone else who stands out amongst the crowd in the market?

Tregaurd1> NO. just town folk. "Well team, it seems that you will have to do some bargaining, but what do you need?"

Forester> What spells are on offer

Tregaurd1> well, I have a SUICIDE spell, but it's rather pricey, and you look the sort of type who wouldn't want such nasty dangerous rubbish

Forester> Ok what are the books

Tregaurd1> Metamorphs and other comedians. Tulips and Daffodils. Ogres eat their housewives

Forester> Ask the trader if there's anything he wants

Tregaurd1> Yeah, I want your gold. But what do you want?

Tregaurd1> the scroll- DRAGONS!

Tregaurd1> what can you do team?

Forester> Does he have gemstones?

Tregaurd1> [Sorry, there's a fault in word but we'll carry on anyway]

Tregaurd1> Well I have loads of gemstones, ahhh. Now here's something you might like. A firestone?

Forester> Do a trade for it with the gold

Tregaurd1> I don't know what you'd want with it though. What would you need it for?

Forester> A friend

Tregaurd1> Ladyfriend? Oooh aye

Forester> Yes. And do u want the bar of gold for it or shall I take my business else where kind sir

Tregaurd1> Ah Gold. Good. There you go. I'm glad you didn't give me silver. Everyone's always doing that. Bloody cheapskates!

Tregaurd1> You take the firestone

Forester> Take the exit

Tregaurd1> Tara. Young sir. Ooh. and put a good word in for me for your ladyfriend! "you exit"

Tregaurd1> You emerge at the back of some houses. Ahead of you is an exit, but between you and the exit is a goblin.

Forester> Drink the cloak potion

Tregaurd1> You use the potion, and become invisible.

Forester> Sneak past the goblin and take the exit

Tregaurd1> You walk towards the exit and go through unnoticed. The potion wears off just as you make it through the doorway.

Tregaurd1>You emerge in a room with two people in it. One person is tending to a dragon, and the other is looking anxiously around the room.

Forester> Ask the anxious person what is wrong

Tregaurd1> Ah hello there. I am Rubbles, master of the dragon transportation system, best in these lands. Well, only one in these lands in fact. What is it that I can do for you?

Forester> I'm looking for a way to level 2

Tregaurd1> Hmm, well I have loads of dragons which could take you there

Tregaurd1> but there all sick you see

Forester> Ask if we can go there if we help make them better

Tregaurd1> How will you make them better?

Forester> I have a Firestone

Tregaurd1> Ok.

Tregaurd1> can i have it?

Tregaurd1> please?

Forester> Yes if we can get to level 2 in exchange

Tregaurd1> Thank you for the fire stone. I'm sure our dragons will be grateful. In return for you generosity, I will give you both the code to the causeway on this level and free passage to level 2. How does that grab you? The code is GREEN, YELLOW, RED, ORANGE. Okay. Oh. And you'll meet the dragon at the end of this level, I believe his name is Smirkenorff ? Seya.

Forester> Thank you

Forester> Take the exit

Tregaurd1> You emerge in a room. The room itself is poorly lit, but in front of you, you can see rows of hexagons leading towards an exit on the other side of the room. You walk up to the first row of hexagons.

Tregaurd1> Red, or Green

Forester> Green

Tregaurd1> Red, Yellow or Green

Forester> Yellow

Forester> Red

Forester> Orange

Tregaurd1> Red, Orange, Purple or Yellow

Forester> Red

Tregaurd1> Green, Orange or Yellow

Forester> Orange

Tregaurd1> Green, or Red

Forester> Green

Tregaurd1> You make it to the other side of the room and exit.

Tregaurd1> You emerge close to the end of the village. A man comes up to you with a staff in his hand waving it threateningly at you. He says: Pass you may, but only pass with being able to answer two questions correctly. If you don't, then you die. HA HA!!

Forester> Ok

Tregaurd1> Q.1 Keep me in a box. When you use me scratch my head.

Tregaurd1> hang on

Tregaurd1> What once was red is now black instead.

Tregaurd1> What am I?

Forester> Could you repeat that

Tregaurd1> Q.1 Keep me in a box. When you use me scratch my head. What once was red is now black instead. What am I?

Tregaurd1> I'm waiting

Forester> A match

Tregaurd1> correct

Tregaurd1> Q.2 A horseman is traveling from Elm Forest to Gloomy woods. He has a head wind and so his journey takes him 90 minutes. But on the way back, he has a tail wind and so his journey takes him only 1 hour and 30 minutes. Which journey was the shortest?

Forester> Both the same

Tregaurd1> correct

Tregaurd1> Q. Which is greater. The deepest chasm under the sea or the highest mountain in the sky?

Forester> Deepest chasm

Tregaurd1> correct

Tregaurd1> You are a clever person my young friend. Here take this food, for I know that you have not eaten recently. Take It quick!! You may pass. But we may meet again. The man walks away.

Forester> Put food in Knapp sack and take exit

Tregaurd1> You exit the room and appear in a small room with a door at the other end. As you move further into the room, the door opens and you see a dragon.

Forester> Walk up to the dragon

Tregaurd1> You walk up to the dragon. You see a seat in front of you

Forester> Take seat

Forester> i.e. Sit down on it

Tregaurd1> "Ooooh the cheek of it! Why do you sit down here?"

Forester> I'd like Transportation to level 2 please. I made a deal with your master

Tregaurd1> "oh did you now, well what deal was that then?"

Forester> I gave him/her a firestone

Tregaurd1> oh okay then. where abouts in level 2 would you like to go?

Forester> What choices have I got? If it helps I'm on a quest for the cup

Tregaurd1> ooh, don't get on your high dragon!

Tregaurd1> The dragon starts to flap its wings. After a running jump and a nasty bump, you are airborne, and well under your way to level 2.â??

Tregaurd1> PLEASE WAIT

Tregaurd1> You land in a courtyard. Ahead of you is a table with some objects on it and there is an exit at the other side of the room.

Forester> Walk to table

Tregaurd1> You look at the objects on the table. There are an: Scroll Candle with a match Gold Mirror Silver

Forester> Read scroll

Tregaurd1> The scroll says: The road to light is paid with riches. Reflect on your options.

Forester> Take the Candle with Match

Tregaurd1> okay.

Forester> Describe the mirror

Tregaurd1> The mirror is scratched so much that you can't make out your reflection.

Forester> Take it

Treguard> Ok, you pick up the mirror

Treguard> You exit the room and appear in a dark hallway. You can't see your way, so you don't know where the exits are.

Forester> Use candle and match

Treguard> You light the candle. You can now see the exit which really isn't that far ahead of you.

Forester> Take the exit

Treguard> You emerge in a room. Ahead of you is a man who is guarding the exit. He looks towards you and says: Either give me the password, or pay passage to exit this facility.

Forester> Have I been given any passwords?

Treguard> No

Forester> Ask what the toll is

Treguard> The toll is a bar of gold

Treguard> or silver

Forester> Tell him that you have a magic mirror which can show danger ahead

Treguard> "Oooh I like magic! Can I have it?"

Forester> If we can have passage

Forester> Through the exit

Treguard> "Ah, no sorry. Can't. mmmmaster will kill me!!!"

Forester> Tell him I will deal with his master

Treguard> "I don't think so. He'll kill you!"

Forester> He need not worry

Treguard> No.

Forester> Look at the mirror or try getting a reflection of things in the area

Treguard> "Hmmm. Not too sure what you mean by that Sir. I like the mirror though"

Forester> Tell him to look at the mirror

Treguard> The man looks in the mirror and he disappears. Looking at the mirror, you see him trapped inside

Treguard> The exit is now unblocked

Forester> Can I still take the mirror with me?

Treguard> No. You've used it

Forester> k

Treguard> you exit

Forester> Take the exit

Treguard> You emerge in a room with a woman at the other end. She holds her staff towards you and says "I am the guardian of this section of level 2. If you wish to pass, you must use your wit to do so. Ready. You must get two out the following three question correct."

Forester> k

Treguard> Q. The hand of a tram comes in the form of a common garment, what is this?

Forester> a guess - gloves

Treguard> correct

Treguard> Q. A woman wants you to build a house. But all of the windows must face south. How can you do this?

Forester> Don't build any windows facing north west and east


Treguard> A. Build it on the north pole

Treguard> Q. You are in a room on your own. There is a candle, a coal fire, and a lantern. You have one match. Which one are you going to light first?

Treguard> You have ten seconds to answer or i'll strike you down!

Treguard> 10

Treguard> 9

Treguard> 8

Treguard> Q. You are in a room on your own. There is a candle, a coal fire, and a lantern. You have one match. Which one are you going to light first?

Treguard> 10

Treguard> 9

Treguard> 8

Treguard> 7

Treguard> 6

Forester> Candle

Forester> Its the match

* Forester cries


Forester> If only I had stopped typing for a second

Treguard> never mind. you gave it your best shot

Treguard> feel free to re-apply

Forester> k thanks

Treguard> Thanks for coming everyone. I'll seya tomorrow, either give your suggestions then or e-mail me

* Treguard bows


[Continue to Session 3]

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