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Team 6: Alex, Ian, Grant and Richard from Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

The sixth quest of Series 5 was for the Cup and lasted 44 minutes.

Level 1

Alex follows the Eye Shield to reach a gateway.

He finds some clues on a table. A scroll reads: 'The path of Truth is well lit. Some weapons belong to friends.'

The team takes a bar of gold and a green arrow, leaving behind a red gem, a key and a lantern.

The gate opens to reveal the descender. Alex orders it to take him downwards.

Into a castle courtyard, where Hordriss the Confuser is disguised as a beggar.

Treguard: Hordriss is obviously after something, and his game doesn't often conflict with ours.

Hordriss asks Alex to deliver a book to Sylvester Hands. He places it in the knapsack (as Alex already has two objects) and gifts a spell, HERO.

In the outskirts of the Greenwood, the team finds a spyglass.

Spyglass: Skarkill asks Lord Fear about getting a hobgoblin. Fear tells him to increase his catch rate and he'll consider it.

Alex is pursued by goblins, but Gwendoline the Greenwarden keeps them at bay.

She tests Alex with three questions. The team scores only one, but since Alex is carrying the arrow, she gives him the password.

Further into castle ruins, Alex gives Sylvester Hands the book from Hordriss.

Hands takes a look and turns into a goblin!

Into more ruins, where Skarkill approaches. He refuses the gold, so the team spell-casts HERO.

It summons Sir Hugh de Wittless, who saves Alex from Skarkill.

The team bypass the Blocker with Gwendoline's password.

The causeway is made up of tiles featuring rock, paper and scissors. The team work out the 'breaking' order and cross successfully.

Alex arrives on Smirkenorff's back. The cavern elf Elita enters in a foul mood.

Pickle: There's only one thing worse than dragon's breath and that's Elita's tongue.

She takes the gold for Smirkenorff in exchange for a flight to Level 2.

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